Mom has one dresser for clothes!

The weather here is looking a lot like early spring.  We are getting some snow, rain and very windy days as the fronts move through the area.  Today was in the 50’s F. with a few sprinkles but it did not matter as Mom and I loaded the dresser in the Kia yesterday.  It was easy just add a few odds and ends around the dresser and take a load out to Mom’s place.

I brought out a few more chunks of wood for Mom to burn along with building the start of a small wood rack for her front porch with some 2 x 4 scraps I had laying around my place.  The wood rack is just a “base” for her to stack some wood that is easy to grab for the stove rather than having to cut up firewood or those little bundles of wood for camping.  Since the wood rack base is small and easy to move she can find the best spot for it out of the rain or snow.  Once she finds the spot where she wants it to be then we can finish adding the uprights and see if it needs to be covered with a tarp or solid top.

While I was out at Mom’s place I hung a bathroom mirror and a small medicine cabinet.  I showed Mom how to use dry wall anchors but I did not bring a level so the mirror is just a little bit crooked. I hope Mom’s OCD can deal with the mirror being just a little bit tilted. The medicine cabinet installation actually looks good though there was much wailing, cursing and gnashing of teeth placing it in such a tight space to work in the bathroom.  Now Mom has some storage shelves to put her vitamins in her bathroom.

Mom is missing having a basement and big shop to store stuff.  But the has another insulated shop to store stuff and a bunker that we have not fully explored.  But the house is small at 900 sq. ft. and when you are used to living in a larger space, downsizing can be a challenge.  I have to say even with the terrible/ old single pane windows Mom’s house stays super warm and cozy with the small wood stove.  If Mom can get the crawl space insulated and replace the windows via the local electric company via “Energy Conservation” she will be set for very low power bills.

Now for what I’ve been doing….  Well I’m baking bread again and trying to make better meals for myself and not eating so much processed foods.  I’m having to learn how to do all those household chores that Mom used to do weekly.  Mom is finding out grocery shopping is darn expensive.  My cost of living has gone down by about 20% so I’m good.  Mom’s costs have gone up a bit but she will be okay once she has a couple of months to work a budget.

Good news,  I can pay the house payment on time and not get a mid month penalty. While I could use credit I prefer not to unless I can pay a card off in a month.  Not too bad a disabled vet on disability paying a $700.00 vet bill in a month.  With some luck I won’t have any more bills over 1/2 or more of my monthly income. I need a couple of months to start build savings again.

TL;DR We are good and the chicken run are going to get some upgrades along with Mom’s woodpile. Hopefully I’ll set up Mom’s network and cable one won’t get any modem rent money from Mom.

It’s not perfect but slowly we are working to make stuff good enough.


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