I deconstructed Mom’s bird shed.

This was not a chicken house but it is a very very heavy, make do for a chicken house.  I’m  no carpenter but even I can see this “big box” was not built to last long term.  Some of the framing is rotted but the plywood seems to be solid so we have materials to make a new chicken isolation/ large box for Mom’s chickens.  I guess in a way,  I’m scavenging used materials in order to make a new chicken “shed” at Mom’s place.  We have a small chicken house to move built with really crappy laminated wood that costs a lot of money to buy but does not last long.  With some luck we might be able to move this house but I’m not hopeful as ripped off some of the structural base boards because of wood rot just moving the house.  I’m not all that impressed with most pre-fab chicken houses.

Right now we have to get both the tarp up and the chicken wire on top of the chicken run/kennel as Mom is seeing hawks circling her chicken pen.  I don’t blame the hawks as predators they are looking for an easy meal.  I just don’t want Mom’s birds to provide that easy meal to hawks.  The hawks can get the little birds, doves and pigeons attracted by the grain and free meals those birds get.  We just want to make sure the chickens are happy and protected.

At this point in the Mom move process I think we will have most of the furniture moved to her place.  Placing the furniture is a bit more difficult. Most of Mom’s prep supplies can be moved to her Bunker once we clean it out, add a new door and see how to protect the food from critters.  Like many people that buy a house/home there are many challenges and you have to prioritize what you can get done.

Update on replacing the storm door hardware.  Overall it has worked out great but I noticed the new hardware does not have a positive click when the door closes.  This is a very minor issue but has been noticed by me.  One thing I really like is the new storm door hardware is much more substantial compare to the old storm door hardware.  While I have no illusions about added security, I know the wind is not going to rip off the door and hardware when facing a stiff breeze.

The plan of attack for Monday is move the chicken “boxes” the green house garden shelf and place the chicken wire and tarp over the chicken pen along with adding the smaller boxes for introducing new birds to the flock.  Well at least get up the tarp and protective chicken wire.  Re-building the boxes might not happen right away.   LOL


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