A G class solar flare is nothing

Please go to space weather news and get daily updates http://spaceweathernews.com/  A G class flare is about as small as you can get for a solar flare.  No it will not knock out the satellites, I’m not even sure the operators will turn off the sats for such a minor solar flare.

Solar flares have a rank system and a G type flare is at the lowest level.  A M type flare is a bit higher warning level and may affect some radio communications and satellites. An X class flare in the 7-9 level is a reason to get stuff in a faraday cage.

The reporters got all “twitterpated” and the G class flare will not drop the Aurora Borealis  deep into the lower 48 states.  This is a nothing burger!

Educate yourself and follow solar weather because the Sun does have an effect on the Earth. But don’t buy into the MSM panic and clickbait.

If you see the the Northern lights in Florida Some PC’s might be killed.  Honestly we don’t know how susceptible system are to EMP. When I started building PC’s for fun back in the 90’s you need an ESD/ Electrostatic Discharge strap just for basic static discharge. Now I can build a PC without a discharge strap and play pluck and chuck with cards as long as I power down a PC.

While I don’t want to to take anything for granted.  I know my PC’s and laptops have survived X class flares in the past.  Could a “Carrington Event” happen?  Of course but we have a lot more eyes on the sun than we had in 1859.  Plan , prep and get good info. If that sort of flare happen you will have at least a few hours to safe guard your electronics.

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