Trying to order more fire wood

If you heat with firewood and don’t cut the wood yourself you must be proactive and get your wood as early as possible.  While I skated by this last season I was a bit panicked about having enough wood on hand after the winter of 2016/2017.  That has become my “worst case scenario”.  While I was not fond of the kiln dried pine wood as it sucked up moisture like a sponge as it dried it was not a bad wood to burn.  While not a long lasting burn, the pine was easy to start a fire and it burned hot and fast.  So the pine started longer burning wood and eliminated any chill to the house once the fire was started in the wood stove.

Here in the west Douglas fir is the go to fire wood but getting it cut, split and delivered is a challenge.  For hardwoods we sort of depend on the cuttings of Fruit trees like apple and cherry wood.  If you have a wood stove in the west and you don’t cut your own firewood get a good supplier on speed dial.  If you start early you will get the best wood and not have to worry when October/November rolls around.  Build a few simple wood racks and any wood you don’t use this year has another few months to season and dry.

Now there are no below 0 F. temps and I can start a fire in the AM if it is brisk along with starting a fire at night that heats up the house over night.  With the new easy to use fire starters getting a morning fire started in the AM is darn simple if not always easy.  With the new windows and the insulated vinyl siding installed, the house holds heat this winter. I don’t really have to “bank” the fire any more at night.  Just warm up the house and at worst it might get as cold as 64 degrees F. in the back part of the house.  Fire up the wood stove and it hit 70 degrees F. in an hour.

Now that Mom has her own home.  I can work on cutting down my electric bill/load again. If I can get below Idaho power’s break point of the lowest tier user I can save a ton of money .  I tend to be a night owl so I may set the timer for the A/C unit to turn on after 9 PM when electric rates are cheaper.

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