Windy at Mom’s place this week.

The wind was blowing so hard at Mom’s place it was rocking the Kia mini-van back and forth when it was parked!  So we did not get the tarp and wire up on the chicken pen.  I did get a few of jobs done inside of of the house.  I’m hoping we get a few days of less wind so we can finish up the chickens pen/run. Eventually we hope to get some of the seed from  Holly bushes I have in my yard and start making a few windbreaks out in Mom pasture.  Mom has a few starts on a couple of trees that will provide shade eventually.  A good thing about my holly is does not need the great soil to start growing.

Mom’s new cable modem/router is installed so she won’t have to pay the monthly rental fee to cable company for a modem.  We got a Netgear C3700 wireless cable modem for $43.00 from and it was simple to set up if you are used to working with routers and modems.  I just plugged in the modem, set up the basic home Wireless LAN and then called Cableone to activate the internet.  I have to say for an all in one cable modem/wireless router the Netgear does the job at a great price.  I still need to setup Mom’s kindle and Roku to connect to the internet but that should be simple sit down job at her place.

Mom and I finagled one more set of blinds into place.  One of the brackets got broken and so I had to make do on with a bracket I had on hand.  This replacement bracket is not holding the blind in place securely so it will need to be replaced once the money is available. Mom had some great blinds she got at a yard sale but the windows in her house are all goofy sizes so of course the did not fit.  The house has a freaking huge window that is over a 100+ inches wide that has posed a challenge for hanging a curtain rod.  Mom has a track curtain rod that will fit but I have never hung one of those rods and all the hanging parts are in a bag with no instructions.  Thank goodness for youtube because I found a vid that shows how to install those rods, plus how to place the hooks in the bracket to help insulate the window and block out light.  Now all I have to do is make sure we have all the parts, test fit the rod to the brackets and if that works we can install the rod and Mom will have a bit of privacy and the curtains will help insulate the windows.

We are getting stuff done but when have about 3-4 hours of physical energy and a 30 minute one way commute along with all those household chores of cleaning, firewood, animals and lack of money can make the progress of jobs getting done, seems a little slow and frustrating. Once we get stuff organized and can start building stuff for the future we will feel a a lot more positive about how things are going.  Right now we are stuck on seeing all the things we can’t get done rather than seeing all that we have done.

Hell we can choose to use any good wood we find and burn or trash any bad wood around Mom’s place.  I bought a gallon of chainsaw oil and gave Mom about 12 oz. for her small chain saw.  If we go all out we will cut that little pile of wood in under an hour.  If the wood does not look like it is full of nails so it it will be good for burning but we hope to reuse it.

At Mom’s place there is a lot of wood stacked and we don’t know if it usable for projects or it just needs to be turned into firewood or sent to a landfill. We need to see what we can salvage and what needs to get trash. I want to get Mom at least a couple of raised beds started at her place if only to start improving the soil via as a modified compost bin to add organic matter to the abused soil.
Gosh the only soil we have worked with is the stuff filled with trash.  I did try and stake stuff in the pasture and the dirt is harder than the back of God’s head that does not mean all the soil is that dense/hard.  Never add sand to clay soil or you will end up with a bad version of concrete.  Heck I screwed up improving my soil adding sand to clay soil before listening to some people, then I started using wood mulch paths rather than concrete walkways and started building up the soil with organic matter. At least now I know a little bit about building raised beds, soil and water management.  Now the problem is the lack of funds to getting gardens started at both houses.

I will be building a new sort of raised bed to maximize food growth rather than ease of use.  But It may well work out to be an easy to work garden.  I figure I’ll need to invest a couple of hundred dollars on this new raised bed system but I should get a longer growing season and more output this year.  Mom is going to help with my beds and we will start on building her raised beds, compost bin and building soil this year.  Mom will do some container gardening and start prepping her land for next year.

Any sort of gardening takes planning, preparation, physical work and time.  I despise straw mulch as it does not break down in a year in the garden, but I love wood mulch pathways and using wood mulch to eliminate weeds in the alley way garden that has very poor soil.  It is not that straw mulch is bad it simply is not the best choice for my type of gardening.

TL: DR we are building raised beds eventually.


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