Mill ends, kindling and electric bill lower

I had a couple of loads of mill ends delivered last fall and it was darn good for starting a quick fire in the wood stove.  The wood delivered was great and the price was awesome so I have ordered the the first of many loads of the mill ends for myself and give some to Mom for her stove.  When you heat with wood but are not physically capable of cutting down your own fire wood you often have to take what you can find.  When you find a good wood supplier they become as valued as gold or diamonds, at least to me.

Right now I’m at the end of the “wood burning” season but it can still get a bit cool overnight so having a fire burning overnight and wood coals in the morning is nice even if all I do is toss a few chunks of wood to make the house comfy for me is worth starting a fire.  While pine is not the most BTU dense wood it makes great kindling.

I still have a lot of pine wood that is now seasoned and I split a few chunks I had on hand.  OMG the pine was so easy to split with my ax!  While the pine kindling does not hold fire as long as maple, it does hold fire long enough to ignite fruit woods like apple and cherry.  Pine seems to make a great firewood if you just need to warm a house fast but don’t need a long burning fire for all day or overnight.  There is no perfect wood for burning, though Red/Douglas fir seems to be a good all around wood for easy to split and burns a long time for a soft wood. I think I got white maple and that seems like an easy to start wood that also burns a long time.  Remember wood is location specific.  In the west we have mostly soft woods, you all back east have hardwoods.  What wood you burn will depend on where you live.

My electric bill has dropped a lot this month and next month it is forecasted to get much lower.  That is is expected as Spring and fall are my lowest electrical cost months.  It seems with the new windows I have a lot more natural light and with the insulation and siding the house is holding in more heat overnight.  With summer coming I’ll have plenty of natural light with the new windows, will my cooling costs be lower is the question.

I am going to buy the stuff for a new raised bed garden system.  I have already bought many of the components for drip irrigation though I’ll need to invest in lumber for the new raised beds and lumber is not cheap. Mom will get my landscaping timbers for her place so the original garden is not a loss. I’ll have to watch Tucker the pekes digging but he seldom digs in 8 inch or higher beds.  So 10 inch beds may be the pet proof sweet spot as long as Tucker has other places to dig.  The church ladies were super nice to set aside my order for gardening stuff until I could pay for it.

Overall I think I’m going to have a productive week.   I’ll have to do physical work in 2-3 hour chunks with rest breaks but what I want to get done by the end of March should be very doable for me.

People that are close to 100% physically that work a job of care for a home and kids are actually darn close to me for leftover physical energy to devote to a job at your home.   I see those that don’t do offer suggestions about why don’t you do….  I’ll tell you we don’t have the time or money to do…. what you say.  I spent about 5 years of my life buying a wood stove, crunching the numbers and bought cheap wood a year before I bought a wood stove, I did not have to feed every 2-4 hours.

I just have a city lot and want to grow some food and preserve it.  I have to live cheap because I can’t afford to live expensive.  I can’t go totally green, organic and other nonsense  because I can’t afford it.  All I can do is the best I can.

2 Responses to Mill ends, kindling and electric bill lower

  1. Pam says:

    We didn’t start the wood stove on Sunday because the sun was warming the kitchen and it was close to 50 outside. HOWEVER, at about 3 one of our Bengal cats sat in front of the cold wood stove door and stared at me. I could envision her saying “Mom, it’s broken, please fix it”. Sigh, they love the wood stove! (her sister is on my lap as I type in a chair next to a well burning wood stove. LOL) They love the heat!

    • Jamie says:

      Pam: My cat Smokey loves to stretch out in front of the wood stove at night.
      It seems that Smokey and Tucker are giving each other a lot more space and only play “Chance the Cat” a couple times a day.

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