I’m officially tired of stacking wood and I’m only about half done.

I’ve spent 4 hours per day for two days with rest breaks, stacking all the new Douglas fir for the upcoming winter and I’m already tired of stacking wood. Gosh, moving and stacking two cords of wood has been a heck of a work out for me and I’m not finished! All of my wood racks are full up to about five and a half feet in high/tall.  I think about 1/3 + of the total wood was dumped close the the carport still needs to be stacked.  I tossed down some old wood shelves over a rock base that should help keep the carport fire wood from soaking up water and will provide some dimensions of the cords/amount of wood I have on hand for the next heating season.  A nice thing about this wood delivery is there was a lot of small wood that is perfect for kindling. Between the mill ends and these smaller pieces of wood I should not have to cut up as much kindling next winter heating season.

Once I finish stacking all this wood, I will make the decision on getting another load of wood delivered around July or August.  Last year I was scrambling to find a wood provider after getting scammed and some of cords of wood delivered were a bit short of a full cord.  The prepper in me wants to stack at least a couple years worth of firewood. As of right now I’d do almost anything not to stack firewood.  That is just my sore muscles talking at the moment.  My carport area is great spot to stack up another couple of cords of wood and it could still be used as a carport or overhead protected work space.  The carport has a motion detector spot light so I’ll get some warning if anyone wants to to liberate some of my firewood.  Overall we had a fairly mild/ not brutally cold winter this last year and I still had some firewood leftover even after giving some fire wood to Mom for her new place.   Adding the new siding and windows really made Casa de Chaos much warmer and easier to heat. It will be interesting to see how the new windows and siding affect the summer energy costs. I’m sure costs will be lower but how much lower is the question to be answered.

FYI: I’m still using tarps to cover the top of my wood pile though they get a lot of wind in the breeze ways to help dry/season the wood.  I think using a tarp over the top of your firewood to protect from rain or snow is good.  Sealing your wood with a tarp is bad as the wood needs to breathe and season.  By adding a tarp that covers the top of the wood both ends of the stacked wood will get dried via the wind yet not soaked by rain.  In the next couple of years I want to build proper overhead protection but for now the tarps and bungie cords are working for firewood protection.

Mom is stopping by the house to get some big planters to start container gardening and offered to help move fire wood.  She is grabbing some chicken wire I was going to trash to wrap around trees to protect them.  I have a few left over wood stakes that might help with that project. I  have to put up at least a temp fence/barrier to keep Tucker the peke from digging in the garden beds.  Tucker is a digging fiend and digs garden beds up great in the spring but he does not take direction well or know when to stop.


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