Mom’s front lawn mowed and weed whacked. Trash run this weekend

Mom has a mower coming next week but her front lawn needed some attention.  So I took over my little electric mower and my weed wacker so we could knock down the big stuff and get the grass at a low height. Mom got some water on the lawn and it was so thirsty that it appeared to be greening up under the sprinkler.   Mom’s front yard is probably twice as big as my yard and we got the mowing done by switching off mowing from time to time.  I did most of the weed whacking as I know the quirks of my little battery powered machine.  One of the city workers stopped by while we were mowing and gave us directions how to get city irrigation water.

If you use a corded electric any garden tool or snow blower or whatever sort of tool.  You must start close to the power source and move in straight lines and not squares patterns or circles like a gas powered mower.  Trust me going back and forth or fighting the cord just wastes time and physical energy.  I had to holler at Mom a couple of  times about watching the electrical cord.  This won’t be a problem when Mom gets the new mower delivered but I think being aware how things work and making them work as efficient as possible is a good thing.

Mom did a lot of clean up work of some old rotted wood. The 1 ton dually  truck was already pretty full for the “trash run” this weekend. Mom stopped by my house this weekend to load up a bit of trash and then it was off to the dump. Good thing Mom got us started early as we got to the dump and unloaded by about 11:15 in the morning.  After we left the dump we saw the lines start stacking up and passed a lot of traffic headed for the dump on our way home.  I have some branches left over but it should be easy to cut them down and put in the weekly trash bin.

Now that Mom has cleaned up the area for wood we have some pallets to make a elevated wood base for Mom’s firewood pile.  Mom is picking up her first truckload of wood this week.  My hope is I can clean off the old pallets and put at least a couple of them in the Kia to haul to Mom’s place before she starts stacking wood on the dirt.

Over all Mom and I are getting an early start on stacking wood for the wood stoves.  Scrambling in late October or early November to get a wood delivery added a lot of stress going into last winter.  I’m going to re-stack the mill ends firewood and get at least one more pickup load of that type of wood.  I’d like to get at least 1 more cord of fruit wood or Douglas fir as a backup or a start on seasoning wood for this year.  I want to stock up on wood so I have enough seasoned fire wood for two (normal)heating seasons on hand at Casa de Chaos.

I installed the first of Mom’s solar security lights and I did not make sure I turned it on.  CRAP!  Well, it has not been getting charged so perhaps Mom won’t notice the light not turning on at night. Mom bought several solar powered lights for place, but where did we put them during the move?  Eventually the solar lights will show up once Mom gets her stuff put away/organized.

Last but not least I got Mom’s old bedroom sort of organized and setup. Mom gave me an excess antique and a Deacons Bench built by my great uncle that is at least 40 + years old.  The bed has been moved so you can walk around it and I got all the bedding installed that kind of sort of is color coordinated.  It looks like I have a deep pocket queen set of sheets.  I’ll give Mom the fitted sheet to test that theory.  They are very nice set of sheets and pillow case set so if they fit Mom’s bed all the better for giving to her so the sheets getting used.






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  1. Jamie says:

    New bedroom setup is mostly done. Smokey the cat tested and kitty approves basic set up. I think I’m supposed to set up the TV and clean up the cables around the antiques. Add some floating bookshelves for Smokey to get some altitude in the room. I had not realized how small those bedrooms are until you put in a full-size bed a small desk and something that holds clothing. Be it a chest of drawers or baskets.

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