Car Maint. and trading with MOM

Today was car Maintenance day. Nothing to big just topping off fluids, getting the Kia’s face washed and interior a basic cleaning.  I’m glad I did the checks as the anti-freeze was a bit low.  Now the radiator is all topped off for summer driving. I replaced a cheapo tire gauge that was reading tire pressure from 20-40 PSI which is not at all helpful when you are trying to get all tires filled to 35 PSI.  I picked up a new dial type gauge with a flexible hose and got all the tires to 35 PSI.  I knew one of the tires was low as the car was pulling the steering over but it was tough to localize with the gauge readings being so erratic. Turns out my rear driver’s side tire was low but now it has enough air.   Funny thing is the Kia seemed to enjoy the extra attention. She sounded better and her occasional hesitation was gone today. I could not afford a new air filter but I gave the old air filter a good blow out with the air compressor so that may give the Kia a bit more air for the combustion process. Next pay check the Kia will get a new air filter.

Mom needs to have a few yard power tools and I want to upgrade my tools so we are working a sort of trade. Mom will give me $40.00 for my older 18 volt B&D Weed eater (new spool), leaf blower, chainsaw (new chain) a cultivator plus at least 4 chargers and as many batteries. I will upgrade my B&D weed eater and leaf blower to the 20 volt batteries I’m getting on sale. I already have the B&D 20 volt chainsaw and an electric tiller for the garden.  That will give Mom most of the hand power tools she needs to take care of her yard for a couple of years. She can start adding more tools when she finds what she wants and pick the tools up on sale.  One thing we did not consider buying was water hoses for her new place. Luckily Home depot is having a sale starting the 3rd of May for a 100 ft. “contractors grade” hose on sale for $20.00 this week.  Trust me good water hoses are critical to have when you live in a desert.

Mom is doing clean up around her place besides just junk wood!  Gosh we have picked up so much broken glass and just general bits of trash. I got a magnetic pickup tool from Harbor freight for any nails or screws that be hiding in the pasture entrance.  We can’t afford to invest in a larger magnetic scoop, hopefully we will be able to pick up most metal bits that might cut tires or damage mower blades.

Brodie the peke did have a little seizure yesterday.  I was hoping that the “homemade dog food” would eliminate those seizures from happening to him.  While it did not eliminate the seizures, this was a very short one and his muscles did not contract as severely, nor did he lose complete control and just flop over.  It was more of a slow loss of muscle control and trembling.  Brodie also recovered much more quickly, up and bouncing around like nothing happened in about 5-10 minutes rather than being lethargic for a couple of hours or more.  As far as what the pups like for veggies, green beans are now getting ate up as quickly as the peas & carrots or broccoli.  Both brown rice and white rice is more popular than barley as a carbohydrate.  So far I have only used beef or chicken as the protein but pork is so lean now a days I made add that into the mix of meats.  I will be adding in some raw beef bones in a couple of weeks.  So the dogs get some natural calcium/minerals and have the bones clean to the teeth of the dogs.  Something I just realized is my pups don’t have such stinky “doggy breath” since I started giving them homemade dog food. Oh, it is not “minty fresh” but the doggy breathe is much more neutral in odor!  I have not been looking for it but I have not noticed the dogs eating grass or chewing on plants in the back yards as much.  I’ll need to watch the pups for them chewing on plant material.

Buying wood like a maniac this spring set back the getting the Kia mini-van set up for a trailer a couple of months.  I think by August I will have the trailer hitch installed and at least a small 4 ft. x 6 ft. trailer on the property.  I’d really prefer to wait and get a larger   4 ft. x 8 ft. trailer but while bigger is usually better, it is more expensive.

2 Responses to Car Maint. and trading with MOM

  1. Tom MacGyver says:

    Do yourself a favor on the air filter; don’t use compressed air to blow it out. All this does is pack out the filter medium, making it HARDER to pull air through. Just tap it out on a flat surface, being careful no to distort the shape of the thing.

    I moved in to my place about 3.5 years ago. The ground around the barn is STILL yielding things like hammer heads, ax heads, nails, screws, clamps; you name it. I till the garden plot twice a year. I turn up pipe clamps and other hunks of steel EVERY TIME! It’s like the stuff GROWS OUT OF THE GROUND!

    • Jamie says:

      Tom: I did not know that about air filters but it is a moot point as the blow out was a temporary fix until the the mid month pay check.

      I hope we won’t have that much of a problem as all the tiny garbage bits seem to be localized in a couple of areas. But I can Identify as we seem to have glass chunks growing in the parking lot.

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