House cleaning and furniture arranging

I finally got a full day to concentrate on cleaning up my house.  Ugh, the house interior really needed some extra attention and TLC.  I took apart Mom’s dining table and moved all the parts and chairs to a small nook in my computer room.  I moved the ‘bar-type’ table back into the kitchen.   While the new table needs bars tools around it it is rectangular and only 22 inches wide and about 36 inches long.  This size fits great in my small kitchen.  Mom’s round dining table did not fit very well in my small kitchen and I suspect she may have a floor space problem with in her home with this table.  I have to say this table will give Mom much more working space in her small kitchen as her counter top space is limited.

I opened several of the new windows for the first time today.  Dang, those window block out a lot of traffic/city noise. Still under 80 degrees F.  fans circulating air is adequate for cooling. The longer I don’t have to use power for an A/C system the happier I am about the power bills.  So far the windows and new siding have had a significant impact on how my house holds heat or holds cool air and it is only May.  The new ceiling fans are also making a big difference on air circulation making the house feel cooler.

Huzzah! I have some work area in my shop after clearing out Mom’s pallets.  After moving the pallets there was some nice dry straw leftover so I picked out the chunks of trash then put the straw in a garbage bag for Mom’s chickens.  I set up my sawhorses and will add plywood for another work table.  Not really a work table as such, but a place to put tools and stuff as I start organizing the work spaces in the shop.  Getting my tools organized properly will be a job this summer.

I have own this home (held the mortgage) yet I never felt like the shop was mine.  The shop has always been more of “family” storage unit rather than my shop.  At least Mom  paid some rent for storage.  I’m not sure how I can do it this year,  but I want to make a ‘proper’ working shop. That will change this year.

I don’t believe in the collective. What I pay for is my private property.  Gosh Jamie you have so much why won’t you share?  Because I have worked physically and financially for everything I got.  Yep,  I’m on veterans disability and get enough cash to hover around poverty levels.  Who pays? all the people in the system.

My home is now worth about $150 grand and my taxes are going up with that new evaluation. My SSD and VA COLA adjustment will be about 2% inflation on about $1200.00. Oh goody I get another $6.00 per month for 2019, and it will not keep pace with inflation.   That does not cover the new taxes or the new water supply that Nampa city water work wants.  Honestly you folks back east that pay several hundred dollar per month above your house payment amazes me.

One thing I have noticed when states or communities want to ‘share the cost’ it is generally a bad thing for the middle class.  I don’t hate housing developers as long as the pay to develop roads, pipe and water systems.  Housing is cheap in Idaho compared to Cali, and coastal Oregon and Washington state.

Why is growth always considered a good thing?  There is both good and bad to growth.  Does Boise want to be the next San Fran and people shooting up in the local subway/train station.  Boise already has a homeless problem and it gets fricken cold here in winter.  Affordable housing is not going to work.  Getting people off the social welfare system would work.  I’d love to work but most companies wont’t hire me as I’m disabled and need a few exemptions.  Such is life!




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