Irises are blooming and lawn mowed.

Gosh,  the irises are with tall, huge purple blooms coming out in the front yard beds.   The roses are putting on buds and you can almost smell the aroma of them getting ready to burst forth this Spring. The front lawn got a bit neglected this spring what with trying to get the new garden beds built and moving Mom’s stuff.  I have been slowly pulling weeds and I got the weed eater out along with the mower to give the front yard a little TLC.  I was supposed to get the last garden bed built today but the lawn needed more time and energy than I had anticipated today.  Mom will stop by this week to help me finish up the last raised  garden bed.

I finally got the front door dead bolt to seat fully in the door frame using the new chisels (dull) and a 5/8 wood drill bit to “hog’ out the hole.  I need to add some metal re-enforcing to make the door more solid but it is one more step in making the home more secure.

Had a great chit-chat with a neighbor and got a tour of her garden and new chicken run built from old pallets.  The chicken run looked great with the re-claimed wood and was at least  12 ft. x 12 ft.

Her garden is smaller than before but as both of them work and volunteer they needed a low maintenance garden that looks good to them.  A huge garden that you can’t maintain properly is not something you want to have in your yard.  One of the things I like about the 10 ft x 30 inch beds as you can put them along sidewalks in all sorts of different configurations making L or T shapes rather than just a bunch of parallel beds. You can find room around the house for a bed very easily.   My neighbor  also loved the plastic fence  posts for making fenced chicken areas in her backyard that she could easily re-position as needed though the season.

These neighbors want to stock up on firewood this summer and may go in with me on a wood delivery.  I’d like to stack another cord and I think 2 cords would give them a good start on their ‘winter wood pile’.  The wood guys say they want to deliver larger loads if it is in a small areas as that saves them both fuel and time.  I like people that give me up front costs and deliver what they promise.  So the neighbors may get a shared load of wood that means everyone has at least a couple of cords of wood on hand to heat the house next winter.

Helping out your neighbors is not only a good thing to do it is the survival strategy of building a community/social network. If I know my neighbor has heat for his home and an alternative way to cook.  My wood stockpile will not look so tempting to them if things go bad.  The neighbors will protect the wood from outsiders as it is an energy source.  Once they buy a cord or two it’s not my wood pile it becomes their wood pile. I have a solid if not perfect plan in place for survival as one person.  But no one person has a good chance at survival.  Networking is about face time and making things happen when people have  need/ or can pay for it to happen. I’m firewood buying facilitator. I don’t get a cut of the profits, though I may save on delivery costs. I can’t imagine why a person would not buy and stack all the wood they could for next winter.  Those people do exist!

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