Plants are on sale and finishing the garden beds.

The local Shopko had plants on sale so I checked them out for starter plants and did I score! I found a limited selection but the guy running the green house gave me 50% off the already low sale price because the plants were looking a little sad in the small starting pots.  I got a new celery plant called Tango to try out in the beds.  The Utah tall celery does very well in my garden/climate.  Shopko had some nice little water melon and cantaloupe plants for half price, so I set up a couple of small trellises for the melons to climb on each end of one  of the garden beds. My hope is I can get some other ‘cole’ plants going like broccoli, Brussels sprouts and even cauliflower growing and the fabric cover will keep the from getting burnt or ‘bolting’.  This is the middle bed so the trellis and cover cloth should block some of the afternoon sun on the root crop bed.

The lettuce kiddie pool bed is growing plants and I added a sun shade fabric I hope will protect the plants from the heat.  The big bed for tomatoes, peppers and sun loving plants are ready to plant and I used cages as I did not  build the netting for the plants.  Sorry, I ran out of money and time for that experiment this season.  I bought a lot of the frost protective fabric so I can cover the crops this fall using the cages or PVC pipe as structure to protect the plants from frost in October.

I’m playing catch up with garden as I need to add the trellis netting and the PVC pipe for protecting the garden beds against frost.  At this point I want to get as many plants growing , practice succession plantings and finish up the PVC pipe works and watering system.  The raised beds are not finished and need more materials but I have dirt and seeds/plants so I will get all the food production I can, while I finish constructing the beds.

At this time all I have to get done is filling in the garden beds.  Be it plants on sale or starting seeds for later harvest.  Not part of my original plan but I can be flexible and make the new garden beds work.

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