Report on the electric pressure cooker

I have been using the ‘cooker’ for a few weeks and so far I am very pleased with the results. I adjusted the white rice to water ratio of 2 cups of water per 1 cup of rice when making large batches of rice. I add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil per cup of rice.  First of all the coconut oil makes better rice, compared to using butter and as an extra bonus my doggie’s breath is starting to smell much better since we have gone to home made dog food.  Another adjustment I have made is increasing the protein to carb ratio to 40/60 or 50/50.  The dogs are eating food better and act more frisky at the higher ratio.  So far the dog seem to have plenty of energy and have not gained or lost weight.   I keep a high quality dry kibble on hand just in case the dogs need something extra for food but they hardly eat the kibble since I started the homemade dog food experiment.

I have been doing more research on making dog food and I will be adding in more vitamins and minerals. I have read about adding crushed egg shell as a calcium supplement so I have stared savings my egg shells in a small jar. I rinse out the egg shells and then ‘nuke’ the shells for a minute to kill off any possible contamination then crush the shells up.  I want to add some raw bones in addition to the soft food.  The bones I can buy in the store are too big or the wrong type for my pekes, so I am working on a solution of for cutting down large raw bones.

I did up a big batch of rice for dog food and then I cooked up three different batches of dog food using browned hamburger, and browned ground turkey for the meat. For veggies I tried out frozen spinach and did a batch with broccoli.  The beef and spinach mix was a huge hit and the pups seem to like the rice much better since I started using coconut oil. After making up a batch of dog food I put about three days worth of food in the fridge and the rest in freezer bag or container in the freezer so nothing goes to waste.

One big benefit using the pressure cooker in summer is it does not heat up the kitchen and since it takes less time to cook food I save on electricity!  I made up a “Yankee” pot roast recipe that took about an hour and other than browning the roast for a short time on the stove I generated very little heat in the kitchen.

Overall I would recommend a Multi-use electric pressure cooker for any one. Including a prepper/homesteader for making meals quickly and cheaply.  Be it using a cheap cut of meat being fall apart tender or the quick cook time saving electric costs/ not heating your kitchen in summer, to making bone broth in an hour compared to using a crock pot that takes 24-48 hours.  I can not tell you how nice it is to fill the cooker with stuff for a meal set a timer and then go do other stuff and know the cooker will do it’s job.

Now remember this is a pressure cooker not a pressure canner. A good pressure canner is built for canning lots of jars at high pressure for long term food storage. not making a meal.  That being said I think this is a great small cooking appliance for any home.

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  1. Emily Summer says:

    Your electric pressure cooker should have a Saute function where you can brown the meat to save using another pan on the stove.

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