Tucker you little *%@%(*$

Tucker the peke has just about completed the tilling and digging up my middle garden bed that was for the melons.  I did not request such digging and it looks like the melons are a lost cause.  The tall beds seem to not attract Tucker’s digging as much as the short beds.  The garden beds that have protective cloth, cages or climbing trellises are not Tucker’s preferred digging area.  The grassy area that I’m trying to get filled in with new grass seed and soil building manure/compost is another of Tucker’s self imposed no dig areas. I suppose the little grassy area is dog friendly.

It seems my little temp. fence works okay for chickens but I’ll need to put up a real wood garden fence even if the fence is just a couple of feet tall to protect against Tucker the digging peke.  At this point of the growing season I have given up on planting and will be getting/buying the lumber and additional hardware for getting the garden area ready to go for next year.  Thought I would need a solid fence around the garden but had hopes the temporary fence would get me through this growing season. NOPE!  No worries as I’ll just give the temporary fence posts and fence plastic rolls  to Mom so she can expand her chicken run area.

Poor little Tucker the peke is stressed again over the fireworks booming and loud noises.  I have tried calming mixtures from the animal care sections and all that happens is Tucker gets more agitated.  Sometimes people or critters have an atypical response to medications.  Sudafed will get me so wired, I can’t sleep for 48 hours but I can drink strong coffee at night then sleep like a log.

Anyway I’m keeping the windows closed plus the blinds and curtains drawn/down to keep any loud noises to a minimum inside the house.  With the 4th of July hitting on a Wednesday we will probably have fireworks happening over both weekends as well as during the week.  So Tucker is going to be a bit ‘stressed out’ for about 10 days.  It seems that Tucker is finding some quiet places in the homes “Core’ that are safe from the loud noises.  I would not mind the fireworks so much if they stopped firing them off at 11 pm to midnight. Hearing booms/ gunfire at 3 am is a bit much,  over a week and a couple of weekends.

I’m adding a few dog ‘friendly’ herbs and a small amount of natural salt to my homemade dog food.  This batch is the first one I added some crushed egg shell for additional calcium.  Note to self, egg shell should be crushed to a powder and not small chunks.  My adding raw bones does not seem to work for my pekes as they don’t seem to know the bones are good eats for dogs.  I’ll just keep adding what is supposed good unless it is bad or does not for my dogs.  While I’m a not sure about what I’m doing for homemade dog food I know I’m not feeding them poison via China or cheap dog food via US makers using terrible ingredients in canned dog food.  I don’t think corn meal is a bad ingredient for wet dog food.  No grain, ‘specially not white flour’,  should be the main ingredient for dog food.


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