Huzzah! Mom is getting new windows!

Mom saved up for the house and had to buy some equipment and add a few things like basic maint. items, new floor,  paint etc…. for her new place.  Idaho power checked out her home and she qualifies for new insulated windows, a vapor barrier in the crawl space  along with the guys putting the insulation back where it belongs and additional insulation in the attic.  While I love my wood stove and using a couple of small AC units for cooling in summer.  Mom has a very efficient (less than 5 year old) central heating and cooling system that is darn good at heating and cooling her small home.

I’m very excited for Mom as the new windows will not only help with the cost of heating and cooling but help insulate the house against noise.  According to the guys from Idaho power all the work should be done around September perhaps into October.  Fall is a great time to get the window work done as it isn’t so buggy.

I have ordered another two cords of wood and want to help Mom a cord of wood that is a mix of Douglas fir and poplar.  I know these are fast burning woods compared to hardwoods like oak or maple.  The west just does not grow hardwoods in large forests like back east.  Back in June my wood supplier was out of Doug Fir and in July the cost of Tamarack jumped to $300.00 per cord.  If you can’t cut firewood for what ever reason and you must buy wood. Get your orders in as early as possible.  If the wood supplier needs a bit of time to get the wood make sure you are at the top of the list for deliveries.  A big bonus on getting your wood deliveries early is you get to stack and season the wood during summer and you know it is dry.  Or at least the wood is as dry a few weeks of 100 degree summer heat.

I finally got out the Ryobi mister fans and tested both via a hose hook up and using the pump bucket method. I had one of the the brass spritzer clog that I cleared via a safety pin after making sure the feed hoses were cleared.  I did a test with two units, one using a bucket and water pump and one using a hose attachment. After 3.5 hours the 5 gallon bucket of the pump test used about 3 gallons of water and the 3 amp hour battery was down to one bar of power left.  The fan mister set up of connected water hose and fan had 2 bars of power but the recharge time was almost the same.  Even with me trying to get one of the misters to work.  The mister is working!  I’m guessing you should get about 4 hours of misting per 3 amp hour battery set on high.

I know spending $80.00 for a mister/ fan is costly for many people on the lower end of the economic food chain.  Adding in the cost of 3 amp hour batteries also adds to the cost.  I know that many people don’t care for Ryobi because they are cheap tools.  But who else offers a fan and mister with a pump for under $80.00.

I’m not building a home, I’m just trying to do some basic jobs and maintenance.  I’m not suggesting you should not buy the best tools you can afford.  Right now I can afford Ryobi/rigid/ Harbor freight.



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