The grits and pork tenderloin were a big doggie food hit!

Tucker and Brodie really enjoyed the new doggie food creation.  Tonight I finished up another batch of chicken and rice  so I can switch between 3 different types of food flavors.  I love the new pressure cooker for fast cooking and it does not heat up the house!

Cooking meat to fall apart tender in my Evant pressure cooker seems to work best using the porridge setting for 25-30 minutes.  The grits cooked up okay on the rice setting and using 2 cups of water per 1 cup of grain but I think I might up the water by 1/2 of a cup as the grits seemed to be a little more chewy than my taste.  Now if you wanted to cut up sections of grits and fry it for breakfast or dinner the texture is just about perfect. This pressure cooker has become one of my favorite cooking utensils this summer.

I finally had a good wake up today!  No cramps in the legs this morning which made a nice change for the week.  I have been going outside barefoot the last few days as some people have recommended to get in touch with the earth.  I know it sounds kind of  new age Hippy-Dippy stuff  but I think there might be something to going barefoot.  I can say that my feet are no longer as tender and even after a couple of days of short walks on my wood mulch, pea gravel and lawn my feet are not as tender and I do feel physically/mentally better than before I started going barefoot.  It might be the placebo effect or just getting outside more but if it is stupid and it works it ain’t stupid!

What has surprised me the most is how fast I could go from ‘mincing’ across the mulch, too in just a few days I could walk across the wood mulch with out much of a care.  I can’t go walking across sagebrush or stickers but it is amazing to me just how quickly I went from never barefoot outside to being comfortable with doing some short little barefoot walks.

I got a little cleanup done in the backyard though it does not look all that impressive yet!  I have worked out the money to get the load of  carport/driveway rock before I get the additional two cords of wood. Money is a bit tight but it is all about the timing because having a all of these things in place before the snow flies is the focus.  I don’t want to scramble to get wood nor have to use my sump pump to drain water from the shop.  I hope to kill off the weeds with adding rock and all the wood mulch I’m adding to the alleyway area.

I may have an idea to make a 2 foot high temp./movable cedar picket fence that would work around my garden as well as fencing Mom’s house at least for a couple of years.  It should not need a permit as it is not permanently affixed to the ground.  The idea for the fence is it could be affixed easily to steel/wood posts in the future if required.

I’m working on a small area for birds that was covered by Mom’s chicken enclosure.  I put the big bird bath in place and I’m going to add a tall Shepard’s type hook set up for suet and some bird feeders. I miss watching all the birds and even the chickens as they moved through the backyard.  Those birds gave the backyard a feeling of life. From what I have read about this bird feeder hook, squirrels will go for the suet and then coat the post in suet/ fat so they can’t climb the post to get at the bird feeders. It will be interesting to see if it is true in practice. The squirrels will just have to get by eating apples and saving up walnuts from my backyard.


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