No luck attracting birds or squirrels yet!

I know animals are very cautious when things change dramatically but I thought I’d see a few squirrels show up for the suet cake or birds use the new bird baths filled with fresh water.   I suppose the heat of summer is not the best time of the year to set up a bird feeding station.  I suspect I’ll start seeing the squirrels once the walnuts start to fall and the birds once the grapes start coming on.

I did find a tall shepard’s hook to hold the bird feeders.  I added a thick layer of mulch on the ground around the bird baths to absorb water and give the birds a nest material/drying area.  I might change the smaller birdbaths from water to sand and dirt so the birds have a choice of a dust/sand or water bath.   Many birds love a good dust bath to keep healthy.  I will be adding some DE to the mulch as the mulch seems to attract earwigs, ants and unpleasant bugs.  The bird feeders are some distance from my garden so the good bugs should not be injured by the DE.

I finally got the 10 bags of mulch from Lowes today.  This weekend I should be able to finish up the alley area in mulch.  I talked with a neighbor about sharing a load of rock but I’m not very hopeful she will commit the money to get the rock.  No problem by the end of this week, I’ll be getting two yards of 3/4 minus rock to finish up my driveway areas.  I’m tired of fighting weeds and hoping others will join in eradicating weeds in the alley.  I’m not a big fan of chemically killing weeds because my neighbor used Round up and in less than two years the weeds are back stronger and spreading from his land.  The soil that got sprayed with Roundup looks dead. There are no bugs of any sort and honestly I think Round up is awful, as it not only kills weeds it kills soil.

With Mom’s help we dug out the goat heads, minimized the “cheat grass” and after a spray of roundup all of our work has gone to waste.  The nasty weeds are back with a vengeance. Hopefully by adding mulch and rock I will have good drainage and start building the soil to support some ground cover plants that will start choking out the weeds. Enough whining about about smart people being well educated idiots.

Prepping and how the new tariffs could affect you. Anything made of plastic or cloth will probably get hit with a price hike.  Diapers or even feminine hygiene products will start costing more at the grocery store in the near future. If you buy razor blades or stock up at the dollar stores start gathering those items you will need now!  Anything with a made in Asia or made in Europe will probably see at least another 20% rise in cost because of tariffs. Athletic shoes and clothing will jump in price.  Electronics are sure to jump up in price. Now food grown in the USA should come down in price so that should mitigate rising consumer costs.

I figure you have about 4-6 weeks before the tariffs reach the consumer in the USA.  What happens in August is kids going to school.  So you might want to get your kids “school kit” fitted out now rather than wait until the end of August sales.  Get the required foot ware for school now and save money.  Gosh I forgot the school appropriate clothing.  Get it now as the USA has no real cloth making industry.   The USA is a consumer driven economy so we don’t have to make anything dontcha know!?

I’m a firm believer in free trade. But we don’t have free trade in the world.  A person in China working to make NIKES or APPLE ipads for pennies per hours is not the same as US worker making anything.   These people live in ecologic Armageddon daily.  But no one cares as the USA consumer gets his Iphone and the Chicoms get cash dollars.

Why don’t you take your “OUTRAGE MACHINE” and boycott china? Or even Africa that is putting so much plastics into the ocean via the open trash dump they have made their rivers,  Nope sorry that will never happen as it not a twitterfic virtue signal.

Twitter: I’m outrage because you are not outraged!  The subject is irrelevant.  It’s to bad as twitter did good stuff in the early days of updates about fires, floods and avoiding riots.



2 Responses to No luck attracting birds or squirrels yet!

  1. I cannot imagine your wanting squirrels–rat with fuzzy tails. You will not be happy! Boiling water will kill weeds, but be careful not to burn yourself. . If you put DE in the mulch, you will kill all good bugs, too. Get some chickens to clean up the mulch. Chickens love bugs. Make your own mulch instead of importing bugs you do not want, like roach eggs..

  2. Jamie says:

    I know many people hate those rodents but I find them fun to watch. The suet cake will entice the squirrels and then they won’t be bale to climb that greased pole.
    I don’t have chickens now so attracting wild birds to eat the insects is my best option.
    Thanks for reminding me about the boiling water option for eliminating weed. I totally forgot that option

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