Rock delivery today!

I figured it would take a few days to set up a delivery day for the rock.  So when I called for a delivery I was shocked when the company offered delivery this the same day!  It seems someone canceled at the last minute and it was about the same size load as my order.  Total cost for the 2.75 yards of rock was $97.25  largest part of the cost was the $70.00 delivery fee.  I don’t feel to bad about the delivery cost as I only have to move the rock into place rather than unloading the rock plus move it into place.

The driver did a pretty good job dumping the rock in two different spots on my drive way area.  Especially in the narrow alley way with low hanging wires to worry about catching with the dump bed.  In front of my shop door he dropped about a yard of the 3/4 minus and I was able to spread this rock out and drive over it in about 45 minutes of work with the garden rake.  The larger pile of rock will take a couple of days to spread under the carport but I have over a week to get that job finished up before the firewood delivery shows up the 1st week in August.

Mom is going to love walking on the new driveway rock since she won’t feel like she is going to twist her knee or possibly fall, like she felt with the large drain rock. As for myself I really like having a the new rock in my driveway.  I know the rock will settle in time but having 2-3 inches of the 3/4 minus on top of the drain rock should help cut down on the water getting into the shop.  I have most of my alley way frontage is level with the alley road so that should cut down on any road winter/spring runoff into the shop.

Of course I have just started spreading out the rock but I think the light color of the rock and dark brown color of the mulch looks nice.  This next spring I’ll be adding some low growing cover plants to the mulch area that will choke out the bad weeds and slowly improve the soil.  Perhaps other people will be inspired to improve the look of the alleyway rather than think of the alley as a dead space that is fit only for weeds.  I saw a small sparrow land on the rock/mulch in the alley.  So I have attracted my first bird towards my yard.

I got Mom’s safe walkway area  filled in with the new rock.  The one yard of drainage rck was more difficult to move but I only had about a yard of rock.  Moving the 3/4 rock is easier but there is of 2 yards of rock to move.  A yard of gravel is over 2000 pound or a Ton of weight depending on the rock. Moving that weight in 90 + degree weather is a challenge.

I’m being a bit whiny as I have probably move about a 1.5 yards + of the rock into critical areas with a garden rake. The other parts of the carport drive will require buckets moving the rock.  Even if I just move a couple of buckets per day the carport will be ready for wood by the 1st week in August.

Overall I a am pleased that I got most of the winter jobs done by the 1st week in August.  The garden has been a bit of a bust but I’m working on new system so that is okay to fail and learn.


4 Responses to Rock delivery today!

  1. denim3225 says:

    I’m very glad that you’re getting your winter projects done. Don’t have to worry about it.
    My ghetto bucket garden didn’t do well at all this season. My very small patio tomatoes did great. Very strong plants. Cucumbers were very disappointing, to say the least.
    Glad you are well and everything has come together.
    Hold Fast, my friend.

    • Jamie says:

      denim; Sorry to hear about the buckets. Mom’s buckets are doing okay. 100 degrees F. heat but the plants are in her few cool or spots that are shaded from the afternoon sun.

      Now that I am moving the rock around I’m glad I have extra time to get it in place before the wood delivery day! In the morning it is cooler but no shade and in the evening it is hotter but I have lots of shade so it is slow going. Plus moving rock by hand is heavy work. LOL

  2. denim3225 says:

    Almost forgot…Go to Amazon and look at AeroGarden table top hydroponic gardens. I’m looking at purchasing one or two of these and growing some dwarf tomatoes and salad greens. I read about this from another blog supporting indoor gardening when you have restrictions, like the blogger does living in a very small condo and can’t grow edibles in her flower bed because of an HOA. I think you would like this. You do have to make an initial investment, but I think the pay off would be great. Only issue is its on electricity, but that’s always a risk.
    Hold Fast.

    • Jamie says:

      denim: Where I live is actually is pro chicken and gardening. I can harvest rain water and my neighbors have front yard gardens with no grief from the city as long as it looks good and the bad weeds are kept under control.

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