A fall garden?….

I have to say I was a little discouraged by Tucker digging up the plants in the garden beds this summer.  I did not give up completely but my motivation took a big hit when the temporary fence failed to protect the new beds.

I got an email from the Home depot garden club about planting a fall garden with plants that can handle a light frost or actually need a frost to set the sugars before harvesting.  Broccoli, cauliflower  can be started indoors in July and with some protection from hot sun and light frosts can be harvested into October in my Zone.  Root crops like turnips need a frost before harvest to reach maximum sweetness if you can protect the crops from sun/heat.

Gosh, I can do that as I have a lot of the Agribon cloth to protect from both heat and sun going into fall. I have a the basic materials for a two foot tall cedar picket fence to stop Tucker and all or at least of materials needed to make a fall garden.  Besides not giving up on the garden and I have motivation to get the new picket garden fence and hoops in place.  The garden beds will be complete for next year’s garden.

Moving the rock into place is taking a little extra time as I’m working on adding rock to areas that need it rather than just spreading rock flat and knocking down the mass of rock.  Mom dropped off the wheel barrow I loaned her, and that has helped but I forgot how much work is involved moving rock especially in high heat conditions.  What I’m doing is about two 45 minute blocks in the morning and then another couple of blocks of work in the evening.  Along with all those other pesky jobs you need to do around the house.  I did get the front lawn mowed and weed wacked but I have some huge thistle along the sidewalk that I did not notice because of building new garden beds or paying attention to the front yard. I can be a little monomaniacal in my focus in the yard.   So Jamie grab your leather gloves and rip out the the weeds and cleanup along the sidewalk.

If tariffs kick in, you will need to stock up on stuff from overseas.  Meat prices are low and going lower so fill that freezer or can meat. Stock up now before the costs start going up.  I find it a bit Ironic that farmers complain about selling to non tariff USA markets rather than paying a tariff to sell to the EU or Asian markets.



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