Back yard/urban chickens are icky!

Actually only 33 cases of salmonella have traced to Urban chickens and that is a bit iffy.  Nabisco has issued a recall of possible salmonella via a whey protein ingredient.

McDonalds has sicken hundreds with salmonella via Salad/ingredients. But you people must worry about urban chicken for salmonella infection.   I know this will sound radical.  If you handle chickens or any animal wash your hands before handling raw meat.   I mean you Americans do have soap and water to wash down counter tops.  Bleach as a anti-bacterial is not all that expensive to buy.

A little baking soda and some lemon juice or vinegar will make most greens/salad safe to eat.  Not perfectly safe but mostly safe.  You want to be safe dig in the dirt and expose yourself to life.  That is your vaccine/inoculation. If you want to live life in a bubble and to be “safe” I can’t help you.  Life is dangerous, messy and never works as planed.  I sure has hell never anticipated being disable in my 40’s as I planned to retire and start a new career. Stuff happens and you adapt or get left behind.

I think it is great that people are going for tiny homes, or homesteading or getting a sailboat to sail around the world. Good on you for escaping the debt and death paradigm.

Sometimes I wonder about setting a sale price for my home.  Then again I wonder about moving.

2 Responses to Back yard/urban chickens are icky!

  1. denim3225 says:

    Give moving a deeper thought. Where would you go? Homes are priced way out of budget for the common person. We were planning on moving to your state, but the economy is going south here pretty quick. The tariffs have caused our ag industry to dry up almost overnight and it’s not going to be pretty. Homes are not selling and big enticement of money are being offered to bring people here, but there nothing here to do, and below minimum wage jobs. It’s a tourist destination, not manufacturing or tech based. Very poor outlook for single and families.

    • Jamie says:

      denim: Not realistic to move where I’d like to be because as my home has gone up in ‘value/price’ so has any place I like to live!

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