Fall garden not happening in this weather

I shoveled some more of the gravel into place by doing a bit of work in the morning and evening.  The rock pile is slowly starting to drop in height and hopefully I can finish up most of the work by Sunday.  That will give me a couple of days to work on some jobs around the house and then rest up for the 2 cords of wood scheduled to be delivered next week.  I really like the look of the rock and I much prefer the rock for drainage compared to a concrete slab or Black top asphalt for drainage.

While I won’t say gravel is perfect as I suffered quite a bit of flooding during the bad winter of 2016/2017 most of the old historic district had less flooding compared to the new subdivisions or areas covered in blacktop or concrete.  I wish that more urban/suburban areas encouraged the use of rain catchment systems because most of the systems hold excess water and then release it slowly back into the water systems. I’m not denying any water rights holder their water. I’m just letting the water go into the local aquifer not in a flood but in a stream of water over time.  Even if several thousand people use rain barrels all of that water will go back into the water cycle. It’s just about storing in a time of plenty of water and releasing the water when the land needs water.  Gosh when was the last time you saw anyone storing water wasting it.  People like that store water because they value it enough to spend money to store it.

Moving the rock is the priority because the carport area will be the next fire wood storage area and I have to have that finished before the wood delivery. I have moved enough of the rock I should be able to drive the Kia mini-van across it and compact it a bit and reveal the spots that need more rock. Moving a couple yards of rock by hand does not seem like a huge job when you see how small the rock pile is but a yard of rock equals about a ton of weight.  Over all I don’t feel to bad that I will have moved around a ton + of rock over 7-10 days.  What I have done so far is mostly pushed the rock into place and out lined the area I want rock.  I’d like to have this gravel about 2-3 inches deep so I stop weed growth and get good drainage in the spring.

I got a bit of yard clean up done. It seems I am rushing from one project to the next to get stuff done this summer plus preparing for winter and the 100 degree heat is not making any of those jobs easy.  I feel the need to try and get everything prepared now for this fall and winter and there is just not enough of me to get all the jobs done.  The old saying about ‘if everything is a priority then nothing is a priority’ leaps to mind.

I shoveled a bit more rock around the carport area but I think I’ll sort of push the rock off to the side for the next few days so the wood delivery truck can drop the wood fairly easily in the carport area. The gravel drop area is somewhat level and easy for large vehicles to drive over so I’m finished on moving the mound of rock in the  driveway and under the carport.   The rock will need to be leveled but  it should not disable any low profile vehicles.  While the gravel is not as level or at the depth I prefer under the carport.  I can drive over the rock and the wood delivery will have no problems next week.  I have not only a better looking driveway, I should not have as much flooding in my shop.

I want to stack at least one of the cords of wood and Mom says she’ll take about cord to her place for fire wood.  That will give Mom a good mix of wood and around 2 cords of wood for place this winter.

I don’t think I’ll be able to do the fall garden other than finishing up the the garden beds hoops and start on the Tucker fence.  The 100 degree heat is tough to work in but I do seem to be acclimatizing. I think this weekend will be full of clean up and moving a bit of rock.

I made some more dogie food using the 7 bone chuck roast that only had 2 small bones.  The rice setting or multi-grain setting  does a good job on cooking meat fall off the bone  tender.   Add the grain you like and cook another 12-15 minutes under pressure.  You got dog food. The electric pressure cooker is awesome and easy to use but it is nothing a regular pressure cooker can do for cooking food with a bit of effort.

I’ll have to grind off several of the screws to rebuild the little chicken house.  The vice grip  pliers can’t turn the screw without cutting away the structure/wood.  It was a poor design for small roof of drilling a hole though the roof without making it water proof of at least rust resistant.  Once this last screw is remove I  can cut off all the rusted screws  and move the project into the shop. I don’t think a chicken house needs a lot structural integrity, but some reinforcement is required. Some sanding and a good paint job with a good semi-gloss enamel paint will make the little chicken house better than new.

I’m starting to see birds show up but the feeding station is a challenge for some critters.  Adding in the bird baths and providing fresh potable water has attracted wildlife.

This post is a bit of a mess of going back and forth on critical jobs.  Such is life!  I’m good for the firewood delivery and loading up Mom’s truck despite the gravel delivery in the carport area.

The new gravel “should” help with flooding during a wet winter.  Another 2 cords of wood should keep us warm in a cold winter.

Gosh I’m posting over 1000 word not good.  TLDR is an issue.

Synopsis: Rock is moved so I can stack fire wood under the car port.  Tucker the peke is digging up the garden beds so I need a new fence around the garden.  Last but not least I need to clean up the backyard and have place to be happy.

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