Wood stacking complete!

I finished the stacking of the last load of wood today!  Actually Mom and I loaded about a 1/2 cord of  poplar wood from my delivery into her Chevy one ton truck yesterday and I finished stacking up the last of the wood.  I think Mom got a little more than 1/2 cord of wood as we stacked a lot of smaller pieces of the Poplar and got a much tighter stack/load of wood compared to the larger chunks of Lodge pole pine she has picked up at Tucker’s Timbers.

I gave Mom more of the smaller size chunks of poplar because she has a smaller firebox and she has not picked up an ax to split wood into smaller pieces of wood kindling for starting fires.  I have about a 1/2 cord of mill ends, lots of small pieces of wood, a splitting maul, wedge and an ax to make kindling from my wood pile. Great deal for me as Mom gave me some big chunks of lodge pole pine to try out in my stove this year.

I won’t be selling any wood to neighbors this year as I think it will be a very cold winter.  I have been begging the neighbors  for 5 months that have wood stoves to go in with a delivery of wood and share the cost. Same thing with the gravel and no one would commit to sharing the delivery cost with me.  I may help them in a power outage this winter but selling them wood for winter heat is not happening.  I think we are going to see another very cold winter this year.  Like -20 degrees for 2-4 weeks sort of cold winter.  Even if I’m completely wrong and we have a mild winter this year.  I will have at least 2 cords of seasoned wood left over and can buy/stack more wood next summer.

Fire wood takes minimal effort protection against rot, all it needs to season is to be kept dry and breathe to avoid rot.  If life is easy, all you do is start a new stack of wood.  If things go “sideways” you may not find fire wood at any price.

Okay enough about the rant.  I can move/level the gravel and cover more area in the alleyway area.  The morning glory is starting to climb out of the graveled area and I think I may try the boiling water method to kill these plants.

I need to replace the weeds in the alley and I’m thinking Mint would start fixing the soil and spread. Sunflowers might be an option or berry plants.   I literally have a massive goat head plant reaching into my gravel drive way wanting to spread it’s seeds.  These weeds sere sprayed for years and the weeds always come back, unless replaced with good plants and soil building.

I am annoyed, but the best I can do is make my alleyway are the best I can for soil building with cover and introducing good plants that choke out the bad weeds and not kill the soil and good bugs.  Good news the gravel and wood mulch is doing everything I wanted and more in the alley.  Not perfect but it should hold the line on weeds until next Spring when I can start adding new plants.


9 Responses to Wood stacking complete!

  1. Spud says:

    One of the major primary reasons I moved south !
    How to survive winter, once we are in a grid down situation.
    Without the grid, there will be no fuel delivery.
    In Idaho, pretty much all folks live in the lower valleys where no firewood is. After SHTF, how you gonna get firewood ?
    Let alone water and food…life was very tough in my native great grandparents day. They had livestock, to transport wood, grow food etc.

    • Jamie says:

      Spud : I think you might be correct especially in a long term situation. I can’t afford to move so this is the best compromise in storing wood.

    • Jamie says:

      I can’t move away, make homestead, a well or anything else. So what should I do according to you? Hell for a few grand investing in a sailboat could work..
      If you have lots of land with water, good soil and lots of trees cheap. I’d love to learn about this area.

  2. denim3225 says:

    Hopefully the neighborhood behaves and doesn’t steal wood! My neighborhood and neighbors are horrid. Very rude, dusky tempered. I don’t even acknowledge them. Pretty sad.

    • Jamie says:

      denim: I live in a relatively safe neighborhood and I know most of my neighbors on the block around me. I’ve lived here 15 years and have never lost anything to theft of had any other problems other than late night fireworks before and after the 4th of July.

  3. denim3225 says:

    I’m thinking it’s going to be a rough, cold winter also. I’m going on the fact of all the fires, smoke and the volcanoes changing the air. Trying to restock my pantry and food stores. Used everything up this last year clear into July.

    • Jamie says:

      denim: Not sure if you lived in the same area of the Midwest in the late 70’s early 80’s but I remember the news running stories about New York /New England getting hammered with snow.

      I think both Time and Newsweek were saying it was a start of a new ice age!

  4. Sixbears says:

    You are ahead of me this year. I’ve got the wood in the yard, but much of it still needs splitting. Right now I’m going to take care of it because it’s in the way of other projects. 🙂

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