Door re-installed at Mom’s place is done

So far Mom and I have re-hinged\ hung the door to the extra bedroom twice because of moving stuff and the wood floor install. Not a big job just one of those little pain in the butt jobs that seem to get moved down the list of priorities.

It was very cool to take a tour of Mom’s place and see all of the work she has completed this summer on the yard improvement and clean up!  Her place has improved at least 300% from when she moved in and the out door work she has done is very impressive.

Mom’s place got a bit of  insulation installed via Idaho power program and around the end of August first part of September she will get new windows installed.  Overall Mom is going into this winter with a darn good (Stay warm/do not freeze) plan.  There is still a lot of work to get done in the future but I think we have come up with solutions for the most critical problems/needs to be done projects.

I have got a bit lazy and flabby after getting the wood and rock dropped and sort of giving up on the garden this year because  money and time did not work in my favor.  Oh sure I got some those big jobs started but all the little jobs got moved out of the way and ignored.  It is not the big jobs that matter it is doing all the little jobs that get the big jobs done.

I got most of the temporary fencing cleaned up and put away.  I have one of the bigger fence sections to clean up and store but I’ll have to fight Morning glory and grape vines to pull the fence out.  I got most of the traveling grape vines cleaned around 2 of the garden beds as well as starting on weeds between beds.  I have to say the new garden beds have been mostly weed free this summer.

I cleaned up most of the bark in the driveway and filled two kindling buckets of small chunks of wood for the start of firewood season. I cleaned up some sections of the backyard that had a bit of crusty chicken poo, falling leaves and a lot of apples that the squirrels munch a bit and then dropped in the yard and garden.  I got the front yard mowed and cleared out a few overgrown weeds.  I need to pull a few more weeds in the front yard beds and this fall when it safe to burn weeds use the propane torch to scorch some weeds around the house.

Huzzah! it is cooling down into the mid 80 for a high and getting into to  50’s-low 60’s at night.  Now I can start cutting back on the Air Conditioner use and save on the electric bill.  Big plus,  it is a heck of lot easier to work outside in 85 degree weather compared to 95-105 degree weather.

I have being sort of lazy but I finished up stacking another 2 cords of wood.  Gave Mom an assist on firewood working to stack two cords of wood min.  Got a almost 3 yards of gravel delivered and mostly spread out to help with drainage/ flooding.  Started a new type of raised bed garden.  Some of the projects have been more successful than others but all projects have been a learning experience.

I’ll be replacing a big CRT TV I got in Germany with a  low energy cost flat screen though I won’t toss the TV because the picture is awesome.  This TV is digital but it is EU digital and that signal is incompatible with USA digital TV signals.  I’m not sure where I’ll place the old TV but I have an old VCR/DVD player I can hook up along with an old Xbox so it still has a use though it will no longer be unplugged  until needed for entertainment.

How do you measure success as a Human Being?  Many politicians, business men and celebrities are seen as successful  and would not trade my life for their life.  Oh! don’t get me wrong Id love to have their cash flow but not the “situational ethics”  or power for powers sake.   I think sort of person is the norm, as many people don’t want to be leaders or politicians.


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