More clean up done

I finally got the front yard flower beds cleaned up.  I trimmed back the roses so a person can walk along my side walk without resorting to Limbo to avoid the rose bush thorns.   I pulled many thorny weeds, made easier from adding mulch in the front beds and tried to to get rid of more “Morning Glory” plants.  Morning Glory can be a pretty plant but it climbs and spreads like crazy when not controlled.  I really hate Morning Glory in my flower beds and I cut and weed it out when ever possible.

I was a little surprised that I was able to trim back most of the elm tree branches hanging over my sidewalk and street.  I could not reach and cut the limb of the tree but I was able to use my loppers to clean up some of the over  hanging branches.  I’ve done all I could to try and make this tree healthy but I think it is time to start saving money to pay for this old elm to be cut down.  It is sad because the tree has shaded my front yard for 15 years and also for many years of the previous owners yard.  The poor tree is infested with elm bugs and the trunk starting to split from the weight of it’s growth.  I think I’ll keep the stump and make a picnic table or “fairy garden” around the stump, since it was great summer shade tree.

One of the neighbors stopped by my place to see the new gravel driveway to see if it might work for their driveway. The neighbors liked the gravel and got the companies phone number for a delivery.  I may complain about the cost a little bit for gravel delivery but overall I have been very pleased with the rock and I hope that people will embrace gravel as a driveway material that drains rather than using concrete or asphalt that water just is storm water run off. The more water that drains naturally into the ground to replenish Aquifers the more water we will have in the future.  Wide asphalt  streets in subdivisions are not conducive for good water run off.  Now this is a little out there but wouldn’t a gravel road inspire people to drive slower compared to a standard asphalt road?  A gravel road would be cheaper to fix short term for potholes, frost heaves or washouts in heavy rain.   Plus I don’t understand how spraying oil on a gravel on a gravel or dirt road is a Bio hazard but making a concrete asphalt road/driveway is not a bio hazard via government regulations.

Mom and I are going to move the 250 gallon large water container out to Mom’s place for watering her garden.  I’m going to buy more water barrels for my garden watering plan.  Mom needs a cistern/catchment more than I do, based on the cost of water.  Mom will need a trash water pump to fill the tank but over time the cost should be minimal. We need to see how much water is needed in the garden and how best to use the pump to fill the tank.  Since we are not adding water to the garden area anything we can do to add water is a WIN!

Good news,  it has cooled off and we may even have a rainy Monday this week.  A good rain would be very helpful cleaning out the smoke from the air as well as helping to fight the fires in the west.  Sunday I’ll make some Artisan bread to bake off Monday.

It is going to be an “interesting” Fall season in the Chinese Curse sense of the word. I know it is passe to ask but are you ready for winter?

2 Responses to More clean up done

  1. No, not ready for winter but are we ever? We do our best every year, make lists and complete about a third of the tasks on them. And yet, we and our critters, all do survive, mostly. We do lose some of the older chickens some years. And yes, gravel is best and always my preferred road to travel.

    • Jamie says:

      Donna: Yep and we lost older chickens in all seasons because Mom has a PLUSH, chicken house.

      I went crazy prepping for winter after 2016/17 Snowmeggedon and last winter was fairly normal for SW Idaho.
      Most of the sand and salt I bought for a heavy snowfall winter.

      The snow blower had a test last winter and is ready. I got a “roof rake” for snow build up on the roof and a propane torch for melting ice on sidewalks, drive ways and on the city street if that is needed for parking.

      I have most of the winter chores planned out and materials supplied. I just need to get the wood stove cleaned around the 3rd or 4th week of September. That should finish up the last Winter preps for Casa de Chaos.

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