What a glorious cool weekend!

We had a cold front move through and got some rain that really helped on improving the air quality here in the valley.  My gosh I not only turned off the Air conditioners I got to turn off most of the fans cooling the house.  Of course rain makes all of the nature aromas more acute so it has been wonderful to turn of the  the A/C units and smell air that is not full of smoke.

I got the new dumb LED TVs installed  though I have not hooked up all the electronic goodies.  I moved the old (20 year) CRT out to the garage.   Gosh I forgot how much those old CRTs can weigh.  Good news the little garden wagon helped me move the CRT to it’s new spot in the shop.  This CRT TV is Digital but it is setup for the EU digital and won’t receive the US version of digital tv signals.  The old LG still has a great picture so I’m going to play around with it as a TV/game/you tube sort of hybrid entertainment system.

Great news I was able to purchase a retro NES gaming system and it has Star Fox!  I’ve always been a gamer starting with the coin op games and loved when you could buy a game system and  NOT spend a quarter or two to play an arcade game at home.  I play like a noob on many games but I like playing a campaign or game beating the “BOSS”.

With the new TV the new Nintendo system games are going to look awesome.  As far as being a part of the PC gamer master race I’m sorely lacking as video cards have become very expensive in this bit coin era.  Though mining bitcoins is sort of dying back.  The price of mid range video cards was reasonable at $125.00-$200.00 range.  Paying $700.00+ for a video card is insane when I can build a solid gaming PC for that same price.  It won’t be a high end gamer pc but it will play most games good.

For a FPS Unreal 99/gold-2004 looks and plays wonderful on a basic computer system.   Bonus there are are are Plenty of private servers and game mods and maps for all of the Unreal Games.  Star Trek Elite force plays well if you run on Win XP admin.  I’ll have to try out the old Star wars games from X-Wing to Jedi Academy.

Please keep buying meat while the prices are low.  Trade agreement with Mexico are announce it still needs to work it’s way through Congress.  I suspect Mexico will take all  US agricultural products and use/resale to China in the next few months.  I don’t blame them I would do the same thing but for now meat and staples ore relatively low cost.  Now is the time to stock up on meats and basics.

Money may get a little bit tight paying for wood and getting the stove cleaned in September.  I think I got all my ducks in a row but there won’t be much play in the budget in September.  Once we get into October the financials should become more positive. Wood will be paid off, chimney clean paid off and hopefully all my work will pay me, in at least less work and worry this winter.

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