Wow that was easy

I tossed most of the limbs, weeds and trash from the front yard into the garbage bin.  My compost pile is small disaster at the moment and needs some additional work before I start using it again.

After trimming up everything from the front yard.  I collect all the branches in the shaded non-plant growing area on the North side of the house for a few days.  Gosh, it was so easy to wheel out the big garbage can into that area, grab my loppers and little clippers and fill that can about 2/3rd full.   I have made piles of trimmings in other places but I think I made them too big.  A small pile of yard trash that fills a big garbage can seems to work best for me.  I get a bonus as the limbs dry they drop leaf debris that is easy to rake into the soil and add some nutrients to that shaded area.

While it did not work out this week, I will be be cutting down and cleaning up the Lilacs along the North side of the property.  Honestly I dropped the ball on keeping the lilac bushes clean and neat and there are to many starter shoots that are taking nutrients from the good bushes.  I found out this spring that lilacs need to be trimmed and pruned to reach maximum health.  Same thing for my flowering quince bush that has become a green but non flowering mess of a bush.  I want both the lilacs and quince healthy as they tend to bloom very early in spring and they add lovely colors and aromas to the yard.

This was one of the best days in the last 2 months to be outside.  The air was clear of smoke and the temperature was under 80 degrees F. outside my house.  Looking at the weather forecast it won’t be long until I take out the window A/C units and use only fans at night to cool the house. August had a lot going on and the cast will bleed into September but October is coming and cash flow should improve significantly.  Not more income, but outgo costs will drop as all Winter preps are complete.   Then I’ll be able to save for all the crap I did not anticipate.

Over all I’m feeling positive about the future.  Not because the future is going to be great!  Because I think I can handle all the worst case scenarios I can imagine.  I’ll probably be wrong about the worst case scenarios but I’ve done my best and the future will be what it is and we will adapt.

Many preppers are pessimists and focus on the worst that “could” happen and there is nothing wrong with that mindset.  There is also a lot of great news happening about solar power becoming affordable for people.  Many people are going online for news and getting some different perspectives.  More people are unplugging from MSM and picking  their entertainment.  These  are good signs.

Being a prepper or Homesteader during the 2000’s was mocked.  Now getting a few acres and building a home is all over Youtube.  Heck, people pack up the family and  sell home, buy a boat and sail the world.  Why is buying a sailboat/ motor boat/RV on the coast in the $500,000 range, dumber than buying a home/shotgun shack, that costs $750,000+?

Anyhoo, back to work.



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