Sharpen up the hatchet

Actually putting an edge on the little hatchet blade happened quickly.  Oh it wasn’t the best edge for cutting wood in the short time I used the stone to sharpen the ax edge.  I did sharpen the little hatchet a lot with just a little bit of effort.  I want to use the little hatchet to cut up kindling, rather than the larger splitting ax for ease of use.  Plus Mom does not have an ax yet and will need to split up some kindling for her wood stove.  Depending on the size of the fire wood a sharp hatchet can make kindling for the wood stove.

The wood I bought and stored is split into wood stove size chunks.  I also got some kindling from the wood guys.  Cutting up kindling was a big deal during the winter.  All the big chunks of wood in your wood stove won’t burn until you start a small fire via kindling first.  So I have to sharpen up the ax and hatchet to cut up kindling for the winter heating season.  I’m sure I’ll have to cut up kindling in winter this year because I’m still learning how to get a proper mix of wood to burn.  At the very least I want at least a week or two of kindling on hand before the winter heating season starts.

The chimney sweep is scheduled for the 1st of October.  I feel as if I’m a bit late getting the chimney/wood stove cleaned but October seems to be the month when I get the  wood stove cleaned according to my records. It is hitting the 70’s F. so far this month but the rapid cool down from August to September has been very noticeable.  A 30+ degree drop in high temps in less than 2 weeks can make you feel like you need a fire in the morning. With the cut up kindling and burning a few mill ends of wood I can start a nice little fire in the AM if I need it for a little extra warmth.

It looks like I’ll catch up financially this month from my getting extra wood and gravel load to help with very localized flooding from the bad winter of 2016/17.  The electric bill in August was a bit high, so August was a bit more costly than I anticipated.  I’m caught up on all bills and both Mom and I have on hand what I think will be enough wood for winter. Having the new windows installed really helped for cooling costs.  August of 100+ temps and smoke from fires drove up my electric energy use.

I wonder what this winter will be like….Weather forecasters seem to think it will be damp and relatively warm.  I think it will be somewhat snowy early and then very cold in SW Idaho.  I hope I’m wrong as I’d love to have a half full wood pile for next year.

I suppose there are some people that want  an apocalypse/disaster to say “I told you so… I don’t want that at all.  I’d much prefer us sniping at each other over the different values of beef, chicken or pork and how to do BBQ properly!  Dry rub or vinegar/tomato based BBQ sauce,  You know the important stuff!

3 Responses to Sharpen up the hatchet

  1. doriangrey1 says:

    Jamie dear, “Were getting the band back together”

    This is your old friend, SWalker/Doriangrey/OscarWilde.

    A bunch of us from Hot Air and Sparta Report have a new hang out and we really miss you.

    Please consider joining us.

    • Jamie says:

      DW you seemed to have a problem about talking crap about Californians. Has that changed? I considered it banter of states sort of trolling and admiration of well run states. It’s banter as I lived in Susanville CA. I’m not sure you want me as it won’t always be banter/pissing and moaning about the government.

      I’d love to change the world but it ain’t happening! It is no strike against the NWO but I recommend people find backup via software DL Linux before the SJW’s get involved. Look into Mesh networks and for DOG’s sake get off face book, twitter and move to open source like Bit chute for video, Minds for social platforms and
      Stop using social media, don’t buy an alexia and place it in your home. Buy a dumb TV and plug in Nintendo retro game player.

      It is simple but the Simple is often difficult. If you bought a SIRI? Alexea or what ever Google monitor system has get rid of it! Install ad block and leave sites that don’t allow you access. What is so difficult? Most people don’t give a damn about your politics.

      I’m sorry DG But you raked me over the coals for simply say CALI and talking about how the screwed the home market in Idaho.

      I don’t hate Californian transplants as the can be good. Seldom do emigrating Californians put down roots. Well you Californians traveled up the coast of Oregon and Washington and now we must move inland to Idaho Wyoming Utah and northern parts of Nevada.

      Is a California life style a good thing?
      Is Open borders great for California?

      Sorry to say I’m just a prepper and not an Internet comando. I’d recommend find people of like minds and crush/ blowout the DC.

      Golley guys I have only 240 followers and most of them care about growing gardens. I’m not sure what yo want but that is on you.

      • doriangrey1 says:

        Dear Jamie,

        You seem to be under a misunderstanding. RightStrategy is not my blog, nor am I an administrator there. There are a lot of people there who consider you their friend. A lot of people who miss you. People from the old Hot Air and Sparta Report night crew.

        As to me and my attitudes regarding California and Californians. There are 40 million legal US Citizens in California. Yes, the Democrat Party has managed through illegal means to gain control of California. But Democrat are far from being the majority of Californian’s. There are only about 11 million Democrats here out of 40 million legal Americans.

        If every time I talked about your home state all I ever said was it should be kicked out of the United States because EVERYONE there are inbred imbeciles and traitors, it would probably get on your nerves as well.

        Or perhaps maybe not, maybe you agree with that notion, or just don’t care how absurdly inaccurate it is. Maybe you are a Saint and don’t mind people throwing shit at you all the time.

        Regardless, I am just one person. There are a lot of people who both like and miss you over at RightStratgey. The decision of course is up to you. But please at least have the decency to not use me as an excuse if you decide you do not wish to visit people who used to be your friends.

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