I guess I won’t be using Face book or Google

It is getting crazy with big Social media getting more intrusive/ attacking privacy.I got a facebook burner account to check up on someone and face book wants a phone number to identify me though I never posted a single word on facebook.   Now google wants a phone number just to comment on youtube videos. This really pisses me off as a youtuber wants to do a “Telethon” to support St. Jude’s cancer Hospital this weekend.  I think “Youtube for Good” charity is a great idea but I won’t give up my privacy for it.   Hell, I can’t even leave a comment on youtube without giving up my Phone number.

I don’t want social media regulated as a public utility because the government is the regulator.  I do think Google and face book should be trust busted ala Teddy Roosevelt and standard oil/ Railroads.

Separate you tube from Google.  Separate Chrome from Google.  Take Instagram away from Face book.  These companies have become information monopolies and gatekeepers of information. I don’t want government regulating the internet.  I want monopolies busted and open competition.

Banks are killing the accounts of gun makers.  Mastercard and paypal won’t support sites that engage in political wrong think.  Just imagine you are getting some ammo and hunting gear for a legal hunt in your state and your credit/debit card is refused.  Not because you maxed out your limit.  Because a twink in NYC doesn’t like guns or hunting. You have cash in your account and now Master card will decide what you can buy.   We are there already and it is starting.

People still wonder why I use cash and try to buy local.  It is just like Vaping getting regulated.  Many people said the did not mind people smoking as long as the did not deal with 2nd hand smoke.  Great, vape just discharges a bit of steam so all those smokers that vape shall be welcomed in bars, restaurants….etc.  Nope  The Children are some how getting vapes in sweet/ fruity flavors and it must be stopped.   I know of no tobacco shop selling anything nicotine related to teenagers.  So is Vaping good or bad?  Many people have stopped smoking because of vape.  Plus how is vaping worse than cigar or cigarette smoke you people decry.  Heck I may as well denounce overally perfumed women or guys that splash that aftershave a bit to liberally.

People can always be annoying.  None of us are not that special and we will have to deal with people we don’t like daily.  Smile and suck it up!   We can always whine on the internet.  People bitching on the internet will always exist.


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