I’ve burning a little fire wood.

October 13, 2018

OMG! having dry seasoned wood to burn has worked out great.  Honestly I have been bouncing on wood storage for 2 years but now it seems I have found a great wood supplier and all of the Doug fir and poplar wood is burning very clean with very little ash.  The new window installation made a bit of difference as well on the power bill.  I can hear you screaming about helping people with insulation, installing good windows….

I watch my electrical power/energy use and it is dropping like a rock after the siding and new window install. Wrangler had a kindling video that was all about cutting kindling with a hatchet.  Not exactly earthshaking info but I will concede cutting  firewood in about 1 inch widths makes good kindling!  Heck I burned Elm in the past and the ash from Doug fir is almost nothing.  Why don’t I burn hard woods?  Well Idaho does not grow hardwood trees.  Lots of Pines and Fir trees but not Hardwood trees.

Sanders are on sale  and I see few jobs that need some sanding.  Golly lets see how that works out.