Bad flare of the CIDP, Sorry that’s life.

Ugh, this flare has been really bad this time.  I’m slowly recovering and today I got the porch wood pile re-stacked about to 50% + full.  So I’m increasing my working levels from about 5 minutes and a rest to 15 minutes and a rest.

I took a class for using the new pressure cooker  and you must saute your brown rice in butter or olive oil for about 30 seconds and then cook it for about 22-24 minutes per  2 cups of rice. Of course adding 2 cups of liquid per cup of rice.  No  pre-rinse of the rice is needed using this method and the rice has a little bite bite and does not get mushy.

I cooked up a bunch of  chicken quarters (about 6 pounds) that was a big batch of chicken considering I added 6 cups of water I was pushing the POT’s limits.  I cooked the meat for 30 minutes and it was falling off the bone and then some.  I think about 22-25 minutes would have worked for shredding the chicken for meals.  Now I’m using the meat for pet food now, but there is no reason you could not buy cheap meats available and cook it up in the pressure cooker and bag it up and place in a freezer.

It was a bit slow but I had a good day moving wood to the porch wood wood rack. Last weekend  I tried to cut some kindling and I could not maintain my grip on my hatchet.  Now I did a little better using the axe and hatchet cutting wood.  A couple weeks back I cut a dead cherry tree limb before I had a flare.  Today I finished cutting up the limbs and it felt good.  I’m still a little slow but I’m building up my stamina.

Sorry this is a short post but I want you all to know I’m okay and still working on my goals.  I just got knocked down physically and it will take some time to rebuild my stamina.


3 Responses to Bad flare of the CIDP, Sorry that’s life.

  1. denim3225 says:

    I’m so very glad you’re ok but sorry you’ve felt bad. I was getting worried as no postings, but wondered if you had a flare up.
    Just do what you can do each day, that’s what I do. I quit stressing about getting everything done in one day.
    Take care my friend. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  2. LeeAnn says:

    Missed your posts so am glad you’re back. Chronic illness wears a person down. You get back on your feet and things are going along great and suddenly wham and you’re back down again. I’ve BTDT and undoubtedly will do it again.

  3. Jamie says:

    Yep it sucks but I’m slowly rebuilding my strength and stamina. I filled up the porch wood rack to 75% full,split a bit of maple and some lodge pole pine to stack a bit of wood. Wow, that lodge pole pine is a great burning wood. I’ll be looking to add some of that wood next spring.

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