It’s damp and cold!

I know many make fun of the effect of humidity, but humidity + hot or cold temps makes a big difference.  So we had some fog and now a cold rain and it is less than pleasant.  I’d rather deal with snow rather than the cold, dark and damp.

I did get a couple of things done.  The hot glue gun did great on repairing the bird feeder.  My glue gun repair was not very pretty but it was effective.  With some more practice I should get better on controlling the flow of glue and make better looking repairs.  Thankfully the bird and squirrels seem to think having the feeder out for feeding is good enough and have not critiqued my work.  I have never fed birds through a winter with bird feeders so I hope I have bought enough bird feed to get through till the end of January 2019.  The bird bath of water and not ice seems very popular with the birds so I’m going to make adding water and clearing the ice in the bird bath to the morning chores.  The repaired bird feeder has a place for a Suet cake so with with the extra fat, non-ice/snow for water and still a few grapes on the vines for a little sugar kick the little birds should do okay over winter.

I’m making the egg carton fire starters again.  These are easy to make as all you need is some wood chip/saw dust,  a cardboard egg carton and melted paraffin wax.  Some people add a wick but I find just lighting the edge of the egg carton with a match works great.  I just start melting the wax and fill the the egg cartons with wood chips/sawdust.  Then pour the wax over the wood chips.   Some people add little pine cones or twigs of aromatic wood but for my wood stove aromas are not an issue.  Using this type of fire starter all you need is a couple of small chunks (1-2inch size) of dry seasoned wood add the fire starter and usually your fire will be off to a roaring start.

I think most of us try to use coals from last night’s fire to start the morning fire but how nice is it to have a reliable fire starter that needs minimally kindling to get going?  At this point I have more than enough wood chips drying and plenty of egg crates and wax. The slowest part of the process is melting the paraffin wax over low heat so it does not combust.

I bought 20 pounds of brown rice for the doggie food thing, but I’m excited that I can store brown rice and use it.  I prefer brown rice for it’s flavor, but until I started making homemade dog food I did not store brown rice long term as it can go rancid as it is not stable for long term storage like white rice.  The new electric pressure pots make cooking all sort of grains very easy and quick changes the prep game for me.

These electric insta-pots have made my life easier since they are plug and program.  Much easier to use than a a regular pressure cooker/canner.

Welp! I’m all over the place tonight so I’ll finish up and see you all this weekend.


2 Responses to It’s damp and cold!

  1. LeeAnn says:

    Candles from garage sales are a cheap way to get your wax. Sometimes partially burned candles are even in a free box.

    • Jamie says:

      LeeAnn: I’ll keep an eye out for those cheap/free candles. As of now, I have enough fire starters for Mom and myself to last 2 months.

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