Doggie food a snacks done and weather change

I got all of the turkey cut up for the doggie treats.  I prefer using deli sliced turkey compared to most store bought doggie treats.  At least I know most of the product is meat,  not fillers and probably not poison via china.  I fixed up another batch of the dog wet food and got the 10 pound chub of burger in the big freezer.  I’m thawing some chicken quarters for another batch of dog food.  I like cooking up the chicken quarter in the pressure cooker as the bones  add a bit of calcium to the meat but it easy to separate the meat from the bone so the dogs don’t get any chicken bones in their dog food.

Big weather change this weekend with a bit of snow and the temp. is dropping into the teens over night.  Not all that unusual for December in Idaho but I guess the newbies moving in are starting to affect how Boise City is dealing with snow.

The valley got about 1-3 inches of snow at most and in the afternoon it was a rain snow mix over this last weekend.  I thought this is good as most people can drive in a little snow this weekend and remember to slow down and leave extra room before Monday morning commute.  Nope the city of Boise literally shut down parts of the freeway Sunday night to add de-iceing to about a 5 mile section of the freeway because it was “slushy” and could freeze in cold temps. over night.  Seems to me that a couple of passes to push slush to the side of the freeway and add a bit of sand would have been more than adequate solution.

I will admit I complained during the bad snow winter of 2016 but then the cities did not even try and keep the roads plowed or sanded.  It got so bad that Trash trucks could not pick up trash in many areas for 3-4 weeks because the city streets were to dangerous to drive on because of snow/ice.  I want the cities to be proactive on snow removal but shutting down part of the freeway and closing down a school for 1-3 inches of snow over the weekend seems a bit misguided and a poor allocation of resources.  Mom was telling me that she heard that Boise did not have enough plow and de-iceing trucks to handle this little bit snow fall and that is why they shut down the freeway.   Let me say this performance does not make me feel better about snow removal here in the valley if one inch of snow makes the highway department freak out.

I’m feeling better all the time that I have over 100 pound of sand, ice melt, snow blower and the big dragon propane torch for melting ice and snow this winter.  About the only other thing for winter I need is a small ATV with a snow plow attachment then I could handle most any thing winter could throw at me.  Maybe next year…..


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  1. denim3225 says:

    I think the big void of finding employees to fill jobs is all over the country, including my State, our problems stem from several factors, including no one wanting to move here, and more serious issues like drug use, felony convictions and being unable to pass DOT physicals. Colorado can’t find them either. Everyone is begging for employees.
    We talked about getting a small plow for our John Deere lawn mower, wow! $2000.
    I think you’re doing just fine.

    • Jamie says:

      denim3225: Employers are still lagging on offering higher wages as Employers held the upper hand and could pay low wages because of both legal and illegal workers being lower cost. A lot of economic pain is coming as the economy and wages are reset.
      I’m not knocking small- medium size Business owners in the USA as their products have to compete against cheap China crap offered at Walmart/Amazon.

      Many of the Top corporate people want a a Universal income provided by the government so the big companies can use robots or cheap labor to manufacture stuff but all those Americans that are out of work will still have money to buy the corporation’s products.

      Robots don’t buy food or houses or fuel or utilities or Iphones.

      You should notice all of these companies are not offering to pay extra taxes to support Universal income allowance or propping up SS or Medicare.

      No matter how shitty a job is if you pay enough money people will do the job. Offer $40.00-50.00 per hour chopping wood, digging ditches or another less than pleasant job and you will have a line of workers applying. Nobody is offering is offering that level of wages for physically hard but mentally easy jobs.

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