A good work day!

I still need some long naps to recover from my CIDP flare but my stamina is returning and I did about an hour of chopping wood into kindling today.  It was a bit tougher to start cutting the kindling ( I think the sap froze) but once I got in a rhythm the chopping went okay.

I’m going to do a test of splitting the mill ends for kindling along with chopping up the Douglas fir for kindling.  I’ll admit that Wranglestar was correct that his kindling box could last about 2 weeks especially if they use a good fire starter. It still amazes me how a few wood chips/sawdust in a egg carton with a bit of melted paraffin wax can make such a great fire starter.

Mom needs a bit more kindling for her stove and will be stopping by Thursday.  I want to do test of splitting the mill end into kindling but I suspect finding a few chunks of straight grain fir will be my kindling project for the winter.  I think I have burned just about every sort of wood outside of oak and hickory.  Maple and fruit woods are about the easiest hardwood to get here in SW Idaho but that does not mean those woods are cheap.  It is easy to do a mix of hardwoods along with fir/pine if you order your wood early in the year.  One thing great about pine or fir is it usually seasons in 9 months on the wood pile. I will start buying wood in early Spring to build up my wood pile.

I’m going to add more Protein and fats  while reducing  the carbs in my home made dog food. Most dry dog food and can dog food is mostly fillers and the dogs need more protein.  So I’m going to start making soft dog food that as least 50% protein and add a bit good carbs and dog safe veggies and fruits.  It was interesting to watch my dogs eat all of the chicken and broccoli mix without an additional carb of corn meal or brown rice.  I do think that dogs need some extra calories via carbs but I also think upping the protein levels in meals gets the doggies to a more natural healthy doggie diet.

Sadly I have neglected combing out my doggies coat.  Today I gave both dogs a combing and get rid of the undercoat they grow.  It is a return of combing and brushing the doggies weekly that will keep up with the shedding going into winter.

The bird baths seem to be the main attractions of my bird area. I suppose any non-frozen water supply is easier to drink rather than chipping ice from water puddles. I cleared the ice from the small bird baths this afternoon but the birds were to skittish to return to feed.  The little bird baths are clean and I dumped any water after dark. I’ll add warm water in the AM for the critters.  The big bird bath is in my shower melting down the ice hopefully bird bath will return to the bird feeding area quickly.  Dump left over bird bath water in the dark and refill in the AM.

2 Responses to A good work day!

  1. Pam says:

    We use egg cartons as well to start our fire with our store bought small fire starters. I’ve considered buying candles at Salvation Army and then break them into piece in place of the fire starters. But, our SA seems to think that candles are a good price at .25 or more each when I think they should sell them for closer to .05 each. Call me cheap, but 10 year old beat up candles should be dirt cheap.

    • Jamie says:

      Pam: Cheaper wax than $4.00 per pound would save some money but even at $2.00-$4.00 per pound for wax and free sawdust/wood chips, the fire starter are a great value. About 2 pounds of melted paraffin wax filled about 10 egg cartons filled with wood chips.
      Cost of egg carton..Free! We are recycling!
      Cost of Saw dust/wood chips Free
      Cost of 2 pounds of wax $8.00 to fill over 10 egg cartons with wax. Fire starters cost about 15 cents per day/per egg holder.

      I doubt you can find a fire starter on the market that costs as little as 15 cents.

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