First snow of winter!

December 1, 2018

The snow didn’t stick around long today but I saw just a little bit on the ground this afternoon.  Today was on and off a mostly rain/snow mix but it wasn’t to bad for getting a few quick jobs done outside.

I got the porch wood rack topped off  and I have to say I sort of like using a mix or the doug fir and poplar wood in the wood stove.  I don’t get a long overnight burn,  but I can heat up the house and with the new windows and siding the house stays warm until I start a fire in the morning.  Of course how I use the stove is subject to change as winter gets colder.  I think by then I’ll be using more than one or two chunks of wood before I go to bed.  The wood stove will probably get a few more logs too keep it burning all night long.  I reset some of the tarps as some of the kennel woodpile got a little bit wet today. The carport wood pile was super dry as the rain did not blow any water on the wood.  I think I’ll move the over sized wood that needs to be cut under the carport as it it is getting wet out in the open. That will give me space to cut and fall the old cherry trees and start prepping that area for the Green house I want to build next year.

Last year it was cutting/splitting firewood. This year is splitting wood into kindling is a thing.   Actually last year we used pine cones and a lot of paper plus the fire starter egg crates to make up the lack of kindling.  Honestly, on a good dry day I can cut up at least 5 days worth of kindling in about 15-20 minutes.  Of course I’ll need some time to recover after that cutting of kindling.  Well both Mom and I have plenty of fire starters and kindling for a week will take a bit more effort. Right now I’m staying a little ahead on the need for kindling but I foresee a lot of wood cutting next week.

I got some of leaves into the trash bin.  Wet leaves are very dense, so they don’t take up a lot of room.  Wet leaves also weigh more than dried leaves so they are harder to rake up.   Yes, I should have raked leaves earlier in the fall when it was easy!   I was incapable of doing leaves at that time. So now I’ll pick up leaves when wet because now I can make that happen.  I had a flare of CIDP and could not get leaves collected at the optimal time.  Guess what raking wet leaves sucks but it is still doable.

I cleaned up some of the leafy areas around the sidewalks.  Now I can add a bit or sand for traction and melt toff the ice as needed. Not perfect but it is workable for now.  I had a chance to do the yard clean up the easy way but I was physically less than optimal.  So now we will have to start doing it the hard way.  I know that leaves on a lawn can lead to mold but if you clear off leaves in the winter does that create leaf/lawn mold?

While I don’t recommend not removing leaves from your lawn in the fall.  I have not seen many sites cover winter leaf removal.  My guess is you must remove leaves from your lawn before the Spring to prevent mold on the lawn. Raking up wet leaves is hard work but it is doable in small blocks of time.  As long as you don’t have a hard freeze.

I’m learning  the weather and when I am capable of work will not always match up with the weather.   I have found I will not melt in the rain/ snow or cold.

I’m going to do some Xmas lights around the yard and via interior windows.  Probably best to keep it low key and cheap for electric cost.  I cleared an are for the fake tree for a start.  I’m not sure how far Christmas decorating I’ll go.We will see what I have on hand