Snow, freezer full and planing the greenhouse build

SW Idaho is catching the snowfall that is coming out of the Pacific and it has been making life a bit messy.  Overall the snow is great as it helps fill the dams and aquifers full of water.  A snowy February with temps.ranging from the teens as lows and thirty’s F. for highs is sort of normal.  Fifty degrees F. in January is unusual but not unheard of here in the valley, but I really liked those 50 degree temps in January.

I got out before 10 AM to shovel the walk and we got just enough snow that the battery powered leaf blower could not clear the sidewalk.  So I shoveled about a 1/2 inch -1 inch of snow off the walk.  I salted the front walk and so far it is melting most of the new fallen snow.  I don’t use salt in the backyard sidewalks as the salt seems to irritate my dog’s feet.  Shoveling a couple of inches of snow off the back yard sidewalks is an easy job.  I was not able to get any kindling cut to refill the big bucket but I think with the boxes I have on hand at what I gave mom this week we should be able to keep the wood stoves going during this little “Snow Storm”.  About the only thing I did not get topped off is the gasoline and give the new generator a test. I need to work on that, to power the house fridge in winter. Yes I have coolers for fresh foods I could store outside/ use bags of snow for additional cooling but it is nice to power up a generator and have electricity for a few hours everyday during a power outage.

The porch freezer is mostly full! I have been buying meat on sale like a fiend and now I can sit back for while and live off that freezer.  I got the dogs homemade food stocked up for a couple of weeks and I’m feeling positive I have most of what I need on hand and I can make healthy meals for awhile.  I may have few more items to top off,  but overall I’m about as ready for a disaster as I’m capable of being ready.

I’m already starting on the prep for the garden beds.  It looks like Kellog’s soil and amendments are reducing the size of the bags and changing the price.  What I have seen so far is the soil in the bag will be cut in half and the cost of the smaller bag’s price will be cut about 1/3.  I don’t blame Kellogs as they have to make a profit and inflation will eventually hit everyone with higher costs.  What is interesting is Home depot is selling off all of the larger bags of soil at over 50% off to clear out the inventory of the larger bags.  So if you need soil and like the Kellogs product now is the time to get those bags on sale because this spring planting you won’t see a 3 cu.ft. bag of garden soil for $4.20!  I bought 16 bags so far and I hope to get another 10 bags next week when I go shopping.  This sale won’t be in the adds so check out your local store.

I have been checking out YT for building a Harbor Freight Greenhouse and it is starting to look like it will be worse than IKEA from hell to build.  Forewarned is a good thing for a build, as I may need some additional stuff.  I think using deck piers and pressure treated wood would work best for my greenhouse.  The greenhouse would be mostly protected from wind gusts. So I don’t think I need a full concrete foundation.  I knew the foundation of the green house would be a major cost but I never considered all the fiddling details.

l I have to do is get the raised bed garden ready to grow by mid April.  That is just adding little bit of lumber and some hardware.  The greenhouse may take a bit longer than I thought, but if it is ready in the Fall everything is good.

If you don’t have one get to the dollar store, buy a calendar notebook and start your own garden calendar this year!  You need to know what works and what does not, along with the timing.

I don’t often sit back and feel pride in what I have accomplished.  All to often I always see what else need doing, but overall I do feel pride in all I have done so far.  It is a pretty small thing in the whole general mish-mash.  But it is my goal that I met, my work that I have done.  You know it does give me a warm and fuzzy feeling, that I dun gud!




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