Burning wood that has seasoned for years

Well I started using the wood seasoned for about 2-2.5 year but good golly that wood spiked my home temps by 5+ degrees in about 20 minutes and these were very small chunks of wood!  I did not realize how much seasoned  wood I still had in my wood racks.  So far it working out great, as I’m finding older chunks of maple, cherry and apple wood to burn. The average cut and split (firewood) is about 16-18 inches long.  Most garden wagon’s width is about 18 inches.  So if you are worried if the wood chunks will fit your stove your garden wagon can be a quick guide.

If you burn wood you will need an axe, hatchet and probably a splitting maul and wedge. I also recommend at least a small battery powered or electric chainsaw to cut some of the bigger chunks of wood to size.  I understand chainsaws can be very scary as a tool.  I was a bit terrified at first using a chainsaw.  After using a small battery chainsaw on some small limbs using the tool became less scary.  Then I moved up to using an electric chainsaw, which was much less scary, but I became respectful of the tool and needed to create a safe work area.  I was confident about using an axe because I have used an axe many times in my youth.  I was not confident using a chainsaw because I never used a Chainsaw.  Using any tool is all about “Common Sense” and take it slow while you are learning.

Also what is about youtube channels of no one using gloves metal/ wood working?  I’m no “Safety Sally” about you should do this or that but using the appropriate glove type dealing with wood splinters, chemical goo or just easy cleanup should be a no brainer! I understand using gloves for some jobs is a bad thing as the material can catch and  suck an appendage into the machine.   I keep my axes sharp but my hands are saved many times cutting kindling with good leather gloves.

I do think we now have an overly safety/low risk taking society.  It’s not all about safety though that seems to be an excuse.  It is about the risk of avoiding failure that society seems to embrace.  Failure is a good thing!  How do you learn unless you make mistakes?  If your whole life is a series of mistakes that people shield you from the consequences of your actions what can a person learn?

I feel pity for AOC.  She had every advantage and she learned nothing.  The people she served as bartender were not real to her,  just serfs to fuel her elitist dreams.  Hell, I’m more down with the hood than her as I was raised by a single mother that got few classes of college.  I worked janitorial and food service and joined the Army. I loved it, Not going to make big money,  but it was honest money for an honest job.  AOC is making $174,000 for the next 2 years and if she is re-elected for 2 terms she gets a pension of $200,000 per year of benes that sets her up for life.  Yeah right she can’t find a place to rent in DC as a Representative from NY.  Hell any realtor has a nice spot for to land.  No money upfront!   You can bet AOC doesn’t have to pay first and last months rent and a deposit.


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