Working inside the house

I did a better job on getting my weekly house clean up done this week. While I did not go all out; scrubbing carpets or washing down walls full on “Spring cleaning mode”.  I did a get rid of some stuff that I had been ignoring and started organizing a a few of my  tools/toolboxes and cleaned up the in home plant starting areas.

Good news I did not buy/store the big 8×12 greenhouse from Harbor Freight.  I bought the smaller 6 ft. x  8ft.  version.  That will make the foundation for the greenhouse less costly for lumber, and using deck piers is now a cost effective solution for the foundation.  Building the green house will probably resemble an Erector Set from hell but at least setting up the foundation should be relatively simple if not easy.

I got out all the shoe boxes of seeds I have been saving and will go through the packets.  Any seed packet older than 3-5 years will go in the trash.  You generally get the best germination rates with seeds less than a year old.  But many seeds can last 5 years+ if stored properly.  If you want to use older seeds to see if they work, good on you.  The worst that can happen is the seed does not germinate/sprout. Mom and I are getting together a wish list of plants from Baker Creek that we want to test out this year.  My raised garden beds situation is solid and I’m looking to extend the season and do succession plantings. Mom has to look at planting at drought tolerant or shade loving crops.  Mom must clean up then plant/improve the soil, before she can actually sow seed for the long term.  Water is very expensive for Mom’s property, so getting crops that add/ remove/mitigate the clay and very alkaline soil as well as thrive in that soil is a challenge.  Especially when you have a tight budget.  Digging in that ground is about as easy digging though 3 ft.  deep of cracked concrete.

I’m having flash backs to digging post holes when I was 18 years old.  Can digging post holes cause PTSD? This statement is joke SJWs!   Golly explaining jokes is tiresome and makes the joke less funny.  Of course most SJWs have never dug a post hole or made a funny joke.

Ive been cleaning up my preps as I bought a lot of stuff I thought I would need and did not use that stuff.  Now is the time to start make use of all that stuff.  I want to install a new floating floor around my backdoor entry way.  This project may fail as I’m not doing it according to instructions.  But if it fails, I have a backup plan. I have a carpet to cover my mistakes!

More indoor work will have to wait on a couple of clear days of chopping wood and making some more kindling. I’m going going to try out a little different fire starter set up.

There are a lot of projects I want to accomplish, but all the goals are simple/easy to meet in time.  No tasks are critical this month.


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