Golly, I got quite of work done.

Mom came into town and got another little bucket of kindling, fire starters and some wood for her stove.  I sort of figured, I’d be augmenting Mom’s wood pile this year.Because I did not think she had a good projection of wood needed and she was trying to get a lot of work getting her house settled this first year being in the house.  I’m sure most of her basic home maintenance items will stop being an “EMERGENCY” and she will start seeing/getting into a rhythm or timing when stuff needs work.

I did not anticipate cutting kindling for both of us or making the fire starters.  Overall this has been a good thing as kindling and fire starters can be in high demand in winter.  This could be a profitable business for anyone wanting to do the work.  I’m handicapped but even I can cut up a good amount of kindling in 30-60 minutes.

A couple of thing I have learned cutting wood.  Sharp tools are a must, be it an axe or a chainsaw.  Buy a simple wedge rather than the cross/star type wedge for splitting wood.  The cross/star type wedge needs a lot of brute force to split wood and does not save any effort splitting wood by hand.  I think a good quality straight blade wedge you can sharpen would be a better investment.  Yes,  I bought a cross type wedge and  pounded on hardwood for at least 15-20 minutes to split.  You don’t save time or energy pounding on a Cross/Star type wedge unless you are using hydraulic log splitters.  Hydraulic Log splitters are great, and you notice the log splitters tend to use a single blade/ wedge to split logs.  I’m talking about what I did with a Star/cross wedge and I don’t think those tools are a good buy or tool for your shop. Learn from my mistakes!

I love the slippers I bought for $6.00.  I like the new sneakers I got for 50% off.  You can prep even when stuff is high cost if you just wait and shop.  Your costs will go up as inflation and “profit” at all costs hits.  Many corporations  have forgotten that customers and consumers buy their products not shareholders.

I’m semi pissed at the makers of Brawny Paper Towels, Quilted Northern and Cottenelle products.  A company raised the price not because of inflation but the want a higher profit margin.  That is that companies choice.  My choice is to no longer buy that company’s  products.  This ain’t my first rodeo  corporations and I’ll go generic or make my own stuff.  After you have raped the consumer financially, do you think they will beg to buy your product?  I don’t need you massive corporation, your products are convenience.  Think about if more people realize they don’t need you. (corporations)

Sorry,  I went shopping and had a bit of a rant. Mom has firstarters, a little more kindling and wood.  My fire wood rack is full and I bought steaks for under $3.00 per pound.  Life is good!

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