Updates on the fire starters and clothing.

Using leftover candle wax does not work very well for my firestarters.  The leftover wax seem to make a layer of wax on top of the sawdust/wood chips.  Chunks of canning paraffin wax seems to flow through and fill  the voids of the wood chips into the egg carton.  It might be more expensive, but I recommend using pure paraffin wax if you want clean, reliable and easy to use fire starters.  Look at stocking up the wax in the fall/canning season or just after when canning supplies go on sale.

For restocking the clothes and sneakers, I added some work-type pants and another pair of NB sneakers.  I doubt I’m alone in not buying clothing until I have to buy clothing.  I know all the excuses of “If the disaster happens, I have plenty of clothing in my closet to wear when I lose/gain weight”.  This is my personal favorite rationalization for myself.  That is great Jamie, but until you start fitting into those clothes what will you wear this winter or spring?

American shoe and clothing sizes have become insane.  I’ll admit I’m overweight but I have 3 different sets of pant/sweats and they all have different sizes.  I have sweat pants I bought 3-5 years ago and the new clothing of same size of the same brand either is too small or wildly oversized.  I can also say my foot did not get fat  but now I can wear a Male 8.5  sized sneaker when 3-5 years ago I’d be lucky to find a 7.5 size male shoe that would fit me.  I have a big foot and most men’s small sized sneakers fit me.  Generally men’s shoes, sneakers or work boots are cheaper than those same items for women.

If you are unable to make/repair your own shoes or clothing you must stock up when clothing and shoes are on sale and you can buy good quality.  I’m looking forward to trying out the new pants I bought and see how the clothing hold up to my “puttering around” the house and yard work.

Don’t get me wrong,  I admire people that dress well on/or off my budget be it male or female.  That takes a lot of work.  Just because I don’t want to do that work does not affect my appreciation of what they do daily.  Style and grace does not just happen it takes effort.  I’m just never been one of those people.  I’m more concerned about clothing being good quality for a job/work rather than if it stylish.

I cut another batch of kindling.  My kindling boxes are mostly full and I filled an 18 gallon party bucket about 3/4th full.  My kindling use has been consistent  as the “Artistic fruit crate” of  18 in. x 12 in. by 9 inch of kindling lasts about 10-14 days  depending on the weather.  I’m want to fill another 18 gallon party bucket with Doug fir kindling in between the snow/rain mix forecast this week.  Cutting wood during snow is at worse mildly annoying. Cutting kindling in the rain just sucks and should be avoided whenever possible.

Last but not least I hope to set up my new grinder/sander.  I got this item to sharpen axes and gardening tools.   Now I’ll have to buy some good oil so I don’t screw up the temper of the tools.  Always something new to learn if you are a prepper.


2 Responses to Updates on the fire starters and clothing.

  1. LeeAnn Wicker says:

    I don’t worry too much about clothing at this point because I have a closet full plus extra bags of undies and socks on-hand. Because I have a very narrow long foot it is difficult to find anything that fits and when I do the cost is well over $100. I know I can sew clothing from supplies on-hand in a shtf situation, but I cannot make shoes or boots so I try to buy a new pair each year. Since what I buy are good quality and I take care of them they often last over 10 years. Last year I did not buy shoes and its been several years since I bought snow boots so both are in my plans for this year. Other than shoes, coats, socks and undies, I buy nearly 100% from one of three thrift shops for very little cost. I’ve also saved jeans, slacks and shorts that ,my expanded waist no longer fits just in case…

  2. Jamie says:

    LeeAnn: I hear you! I can’t make clothing but I’m getting better at minor sewing repairs. Very few people talk about galoshes or wellington type boots as the outer part of a boot and using a sneaker or slipper as a liner. As a child, the the “rich” kids had snow mobile type boots and the rest of us had galoshes worn with slippers our Mom’s made. I suppose it was a clothing layer method of making a warn boot. Tennis shoes,(Converse-types) wool socks were okay for us kids sledding down to -10 degrees F. because we were always moving/ sledding. One or two minutes of fun after twenty minutes of work!

    It has not been all that cold and wet this year. My biggest concern has always been about keeping my feet dry first and then keeping my feet warm. If my feet stay dry it easier for the boot to keep my feet warm.

    I bought a pair of winter boots after the Snow megeddon of 2016-2017 and I have not worn them. Actually I bought a lot of stuff after Snow meggedon from salt and sand to snowblowers and roof rakes. So far those purchases have been cheap insurance and are still brand new in the package.

    Thirft/2nd hand stores can be great for stocking up on clothing. I don’t trust buying shoes or boots as the wear isn’t always apparent. That is just me, but for all the rest of the stuff I’m with you.

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