Cleaned up the front bedroom and sharpening axes….

The front bedroom was supposed to become a Library/Plant room, but it had become sort of a dirty catch-all area, that was sort of out of sight out of mind area.  I have added a new shelf rack that helped get most stuff up off the floor so I could finally vacuum the carpet.  One thing I have noticed if you have a clean floor even a disorganized room seems cleaner.  If you have a dirty floor even a neat room will seem dirty.   I need to get two more of the heavy duty shelving unit to finish organizing my stuff.  After I start building the nice book shelves, in the “Library”, the heavy duty plastic shelves can be moved to the basement or the shop for organizing those areas.  I’m trying to buy items that are not just “make do” for now. I want those items to have a use in the future and having five foot tall shelving unit capable of holding 150 pound on each of four shelves will come in hand in either the shop or basement.

I got my new grinder temporarily set up on the shop work bench.  Of course I had a lot of saw dust clean up to do first before I thought of using the grinder.  After I got the grinder set up I tried putting a little edge on my little hatchet.  I can’t say I was happy with my first attempt!  I’m a little worried about heating the the blade so as to change the temper of the steel and I made a small gouge in the blade.  I think a grinder is too aggressive of a tool for sharpening axe when you are a newbie to using a grinder like me.

I found a Youtube for filing down a “hardware store” axe and he used a sharpy pen to define the area to file.  Just file down the Black sharpy pen ink and then check if you are filing the correct angle/profile on the blade of the axe.  This isn’t the fastest method but it really made sense to me and it is very simple to use.  Anyhoo, I sharpen both Mom’s axe and hatchet and I sort of cleaned up the gouge in my hatchet.

FYI: Get that Plastic/gel cover off that axe blade! Mom did not remove that cover on her axe and I spent about 20-30 minutes cleaning that soft plastic goo off the blade.  I had to use a razor blade and goo gone in order to clean off all the plastic residue just to sharpen the blade.  Spend the $10.00-20.00 for an axe sheath to protect the blade that helps you keep warm in winter.

I replaced the interior/cavity light in my Microwave and it was simple.  I have an above oven microwave plus the oven vent/blower.  Whatever you want to call it that area it can get very nasty, dirty with grease and dust.  If you have pets, you will have pet hair mixed in to that mess. There is also a filter for the residual air that goes back into your kitchen.  If you have one of these types of Microwave google the model and learn how to take it apart and clean it and replace the filters every two years.  I’ve had the Microwave for 5 years and it wasn’t terrible filth, but the build of grease was  disgusting to me and I never thought of removing that panel and cleaning it up until I had to replace a light bulb.  A good de-greaser works better for cleaning that stuff.   Goo-Gone is wonderful stuff for cleaning off wood sap or glues but it does not work as well for cleaning grease build up.

If I understand the math of cubic feet/yards of soil I have bought about 2 cubic yards  of good soil for $67.00. Hopefully I can get a few more of these bags of soil while they are on sale. I had a bit of breakage on my lilac bush.  I want to clean up my bushes and that was sign it need done.  No biggie I just used the battery powered chainsaw and trimmed  below the break. From what I have read Lilacs need to be cut back to about 18 inches though they don’t bloom after that cut back.


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