I cut the wood for Mom’s garden bed

Actually it is a small bed  of 2 x 6 x 40 inches long and 30 inches wide.  For raised bed gardens I’d say build the beds as long as you want but keeping the width under 36 inches in width makes those beds easier to plant and weed. I bought a small 2 x 6 x 8 foot board and cut a left over 2 x 6 into 2.5 foot lengths to get Mom another raised bed.

I have very poor soil in my area and the soil in SW Idaho needs a lot of work/augmentation to produce crops.  But add those augments and water the soil will produce a great garden!  My raised beds don’t have a bottom layer so when I till I mix all the hard dirt in with the additional soil I add to my raised beds.

If you are looking to add Hoops to your garden beds via PVC pipes get the thin walled pipes for the hoops.  Using the thick pipe is do able.  It is a less than optimal solution.  I spend money trying out stuff so you don’t have to repeat my mistakes.  Actually I will still screw up and post it on my blog.  I’m not all that noble as my garden growing is for me a good thing,  but the more people I convince to get self-reliant are less people that need the basics.  Self-Interest pure and simple.

The Midwest is getting hit hard with flooding and that is the USA’s bread basket, so you may want to stock up on meat and grains now before the cost of food goes up.   I stored up a lot of grains but that does not mean I want to work grinding wheat.  If I can buy 50 pounds of flour under $15.00 for baking bread loaves for a year. Yep, I’ll buy a bag of flour.

Last but not least. I think storing a bit of poplar wood is a good thing.  Here in the west it is considered a “cheap” wood and poplar does burn sort of hot and fast.  That is not always a bad thing in a wood fire if your house is well insulated and has good windows.

2 Responses to I cut the wood for Mom’s garden bed

  1. sillysadness says:

    very cool. I like that you don’t line your garden. My mom doesn’t either because she says the plastics offered at the stores leach plastics and other stuff into the garden. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful information.

  2. Jamie says:

    sillysadness: I’d like to say I thought about the plastics leaching chemicals, but I wanted to dig my beds deep and take advantage of all the good minerals in what is not the best soil and grow root crops.
    I use a small electric tiller on my raised beds so I’m always mixing the soil. Mixing up a garden in a timely manner via muscle power is a little beyond me physically. So I use a tiller.

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