Cleaned up the other flower bed.

This bed was much  more overgrow than the bed I cleaned up a couple of weeks ago.   I have one of those volunteer trees that I just can’t seem to kill off.  The holly/oregon grape bushes meet in that corner are very overgrown  so I started getting those bushes trimmed back.  The worse part about this flower bed is that many of the plants have stickers or thorns.  Clean up usually means a bit of my blood is mixed in with dirt.

I started off trimming the roses down to about 16-18 inches then cleaning up any of the “runners” along the fence line.  While the roses did look very messy most of this job was fairly easy until I got into the BAD corner where the shrubs meet the volunteer tree.  I used the long handled loppers on the holly to clear out a work area for the little chainsaw to cut back the tree.  I have to say this sort of job is were the little Black & Decker 20 volt chain saw shines!  I have dreaded this job, but the work went very well and I only got a couple scratches.  My compost pile will not break down this amount of yard debris.  I filled two large garbage cans and two construction grade bags of all the debris. The solar lights look great though one light is shaded until I cut back the holly.  These are new solar lights but I can say they last from 8 pm till 6 am and still look darn good.

The weather forecast is for a bit of rain and it will be another 2 weeks before irrigation water will flow to us homeowners.  I’m not sure how much heavy work I want to do in the rain but this is the week to get those starter plants growing.  Plants like tomatoes, peppers, tomitillos that like the heat and transplant well. I still need to clean up the grape vines.  I have a little wiggle room as grape vines don’t put on a lot of leaves/growth in early spring.  This will be start plants week indoors and in the garden beds.  I don’t have irrigation water so I’ll depend  on the rain for a couple of weeks.  The next 10 day forecast  looks good for above freezing/frost so I”l start sowing root and cole crops.  The raised beds are not a greenhouse but I think it is a good test of the frost protection cloth.  Plus I want to start the cole crops early, as they have always “bolted” if I planted them in May.

An update on Mom’s wood rack:  I built it a little too wide to fit her fire wood width.  Not a problem I have a 2 x4 that will fit the in the base and support off the ground all sizes of cut firewood.

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