Had an easy day

I have got a lot done this last week and I’m just puttering along  this weekend before making another push on jobs around the house.

I bought more mulch today that will hopefully cut back on weeds. I know the mulch will help on retaining moisture in the garden beds.  With this purchase of mulch and the Home Depot sale lasting until the 17th. Tuesday the 16th will not be the shopping “death march” I had envisioned for next week.  I may have to make a couple of trips getting the manure and mulch on Tuesday.  I can get the sale price on mulch until the 17th, which will help me add to the mulch pathways around the house.

I was pretty thrilled to see the Bok Choy seeds are already sprouting up.  I figured it be about 7-10 days before I saw any sprouts from the little starter planter.  Many of the seeds I started are old but now I know I can start new seeds/ less than a year old.  Starting plants indoors is new to me.  So getting a positive feedback so quickly is a huge boost to my morale.

I got a cheap little calendar planner from the local dollar store to make some small notes about when and what I have planted and so far it has been great for me. It is a start for a proper “Garden Journal” about timing and what plants do good or what is a bust.  While I need to keep better records the garden notes calendar is a great start for me and has helped me keep track of how fast the Bok choy sprouted.

I planted seed in the backyard grass area.  Yes, now I know I should have done this project in the fall.  I have to try and grow some grass even if conditions are less than optimal.  At the very worse no grass grows this summer but I have laid down a layer of growing “medium” that can be added to this fall.  I hope I this soil will grow grass this spring/summer.  If that does not happen, I have good base for planting grass seed this fall.  Failure is okay now, as I’m making soil for a good healthy lawn in the future.

The weather pattern is a bit wonky as Mama nature seems to be playing the weathermen for fools on the forecast.  The weather around my house is a bit different than the weather forecast in my local news.  My over night temps are about 5 degrees F. higher than what is forecasted in the local news reports.  That is a big  range when you are concerned about frost.  Getting your own weather station that covers your home the temps and humidity indoors and outside is the bare minimum. Barometer pressure, wind speed and rain gauges should be something you should add to your garden tools.  I am astounded by the difference in temp. by my outdoor thermometers and what is the “Official Temp.” taken at the local airport/ TV weather station.

Get the tools you need to be aware of what is happening around you and always verify independently what the MSM tells you.

Speaking of weather I have to say my Weather Station is great about telling me what is happening now.  Forecasts, I’m still dependent on the news.

I went shopping and I got a 2×4 x 10 foot long board to finish building up the last garden bed. I got another 10 bags of mulch that will restrict weed growth but will not stop weeds.  Mulch will help the garden beds retain moisture so it was a good purchase.  Time to plant and see how well the frost cloth works for early sown cool crops. I’m wanting to put succession crops but  the planning it is all new to me.

Well do your best, and learn from your mistakes.


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