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I love to read and I love books especially the free digital books I can put on my kindle. You find a few duds but if you want to build a large library of books check out for the classics and some more obscure books.  Baen. com for some great scifi books/authors that will add to your reading enjoyment. seems to work with Gutenberg of digitizing books but the format is easier as a drag and drop of files into your device.  So this site is is very easy to use with just an email sign up to the site.  Three Acres and Liberty is a book I got .  It describes how intensive gardening/small lots/ acreages could provide food for a family or could be profitable for selling excess garden produce. This book was written in the era around WWI/1914-1920.  According to this book Phillidelphia PA. had over 5000 vacant city lot farmers that earned  provided garden vegetables for them selves and  $500.00- $2500.00 just farming vacant city lots. This is in the 1910-1920’s when an oz of gold was worth about $20.00! I think gold is a bit under valued at 1300.00 per oz but you can see the difference in value as growing a garden pays back at least 20/1 in better food value and potential profits.

How do you teach people about gardening?  Speaking for myself I learn the most from failure but I’m old school as failure is a part of the process of learning.  I have a heck of a time getting people to embrace failure.  That means you are learning as you recognized you screwed up.  It’s okay to screw up and learn from your screw up.  Welp, I won’t do that again… That is great!  Watch other people screw up and don’t repeat their mistakes I include myself in that as I made terrible mistakes in prepping. Luckily none I mistakes have bit me in the butt so far.

Also when a politician brags about their Kindle book collection.  I have over 250 books on my kindle and I’m catching up on the classics I got for free. Quantum Mechanics and philosophy is a slog but I have Herodotus.  I’m reading Francis Bacon and getting sideswiped by Latin.  I don’t know Latin or Greek languages yet it seemed to be common among the book reading public in the USA around the 1900’s.

My inadequacies are irrelevant a great free book is

Check it out!

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