Summer Update; Air Conditioning and wood deliveries

Mom’s big A/C  (heat pump)  system was not cooling her house during the 90 F. degree days this last week.  We have backup A/C units to help keep the house cool.  I have used and set up a portable 8000 BTU in my house, so it is Jamie to the rescue.  Setting up one of these portable A/C units is simple but most of them are set up for windows that open up and down vertically rather than the windows I and my Mom have that slide side to side on a horizontal axis.  With the side to side slide type windows gravity is not your friend.

After about an hour of getting everything set up with minimal gnashing of teeth.  The little portable A/C unit started cooling down the house.  I played around with the cooling system thermostat settings and left it on to circulate air in the house.  I’m no HVAC guru, actually I’m a complete idiot about HVAC,  but I wonder if the cooling part of system needs the compressor to run in order to get the cooling pipes/or coils filled with (gasses).  Perhaps the A/C part needs a recharge and slow cooling on the first hot day of summer with FAN on but no cool air is a sign you need to have the unit serviced?

It is possible Mom’s  Digital Thermostat had some old programming that I cleared out with my futzing around resetting/ canceling all prior programming.  I would be interested in hearing form people with a heat pump/ Air Conditioner/ Central heating and cooling system that have seen similar issues and if it is maintenance/ tune up issue or the system is broke and needs a repair issue.

Mama nature gave us a cold front of cool semi damp weather and I feel like crap.  I have a few twinges but not really in pain.  It’s like my body feels as unsettled as the weather, not bad, as much as blah!  It is supposed to warm up to the 90’s F. this week so installing the A/C units will probably be needed.  I’m trying to put off using air conditioners as long as possible this summer because of electricity costs. The better I can acclimatize and use minimal A/C the better it is for my budget.  As far as installing the smaller A/C units goes it is very simple since installing the new windows.

I got the poplar wood delivery on Friday the 7th.  While there is a lot of wood to stack the alley road is clear and Mom’s wood is accessible, though I got a couple of cords of poplar delivered/dumped.  I can get the Kia out of the garage/shop and my new plant area was not harmed in the wood dump.  One thing I like about stacking wood in the carport is I have so much space to work in stacking wood.

I will have to say I “screwed the pooch” receiving so many wood deliveries in short time period.  Don’t get me wrong as I want as much firewood on hand as I can stack as early in the year for firewood heating season.  Now stacking the wood will take a bit of time.  I should be able to get this poplar firewood stacked in 1-2 weeks even working a couple hours per day. But overall I should have about 5 cords of wood stacked and drying for this winter.  Getting firewood early maybe the best thing if you take more time to stack the fire wood to dry.  I think getting your firewood early is generally a good idea.

A thing that is tough for me about dealing with the weather and a CIDP flare is I don’t feel like doing anything.  I get lazy in a way when I hurt and it can be difficult to kick myself in the butt and get back to work.  I know many people that can power through those moments and I do my best.  Sometimes you just have to stop and let your body recover.  There is also a trap I can fall into of ” Do I hurt because I hurt, or am I using my hurting as an excuse to stop moving.  Pain is a big de-motivator and when you have condition like CIDP or Fybro or something with similar symptoms, I question myself about am I lazy or do I need some time to recover?  Heck even starting a new exercise program can make you wonder if you just ache or have you damaged something?

What I do is get back to some basic jobs around the house that you know you can do in about 10-15 minutes of physical effort.  Make your bed, make your breakfast.  You don’t have to start with the big jobs, but complete those small jobs around the house like mowing part of the lawn or even weed wacking the yard. Clean the bathroom or wash your clothes, heck brush your cats/dogs.  Get some thing accomplished each and every day that gets you moving and getting something done.  Set some easy goals and then make them happen.  This weekend I set a goal to have a semi-clean house. Yeah, it took me 3 days to do the work in 10-15 minutes blocks but the house is clean.  The yard is mowed and the wood pile did not get stacked.

You can make yourself crazy if you get anal-retentive about what you did not do this week.  Millions of dollars go into Cancer research by super smart people and they work daily on the little stuff that create new treatments. They have not stopped cancer but the survival rates are expanding from all that research.  Focus on what you got done daily. While I feel like I’ve been a bit lazy, I did stack 2 cords of doug fir, got a wood delivery of about 1.5 cords of wood and separated out the “trash wood”and set up my Mom to get some good firewood.  It will take about a week to stack the delivered fire wood. You have to start on those big jobs by doing a little bit each day.

Do the work, many people will always say you are not doing enough to satisfy the “Crowd”.  Some of the crowd “unironically can’t can’t make a meal that requires boiling water or change a light bulb!  It’s okay if you get a little lazy for a few days, rest up and then get back to work.



2 Responses to Summer Update; Air Conditioning and wood deliveries

  1. Peggy Archibald says:

    About the AC check that no weeds or grass clippings are clogging or blocking air flow. Flush out with water hose. Check and clean filter, use piece of thin copy paper (onion skin if you have it) insert in any cracks to clean out dust or pet hair. Also can dust with Q tip. Always check breaker in attic if doesn’t run will be near air handler. Also check for signs of freezing at back of outside unit . If so, turn off and let thaw then turn on and try again. Make sure no windows are open. Seal any cracks around windows and doors, clean air vents. Some sound simple but first thing repair guys check. Good luck.

  2. Jamie says:

    Peggy Archibald; Those are some good things to check every spring before the A/C is needed for Summer. I thing we got everything cleaned up but I did not check the internal intake air vent for cleanliness.

    Mom has new windows and insulation and the 8000 BTU portable will almost cool the entire house. I think the A/C needs a re-charge and maybe a little professional TLC as it needs to get a service check.

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