It’s always something….and a bit of a rant

Darn and other dirty words! It looks like my old Maytag Washer is dying.  It has started making (metal on metal) noises when the pump runs or as the tub is spinning.  There is a distinct electrical/and burning oil smell, that can not be a good sign.

I can’t complain about the washer as it came with the house when I bought it in 2003 and it was probably 5-10 years old at that time.  Yes children, there was a time when major appliances lasted decades rather than 5-7 years.

The timing sucks as I’m paying off my wood pile this month.  I can wrangle the money around to get a “new” second hand refurbished washer from the same guys I got the dryer from three years ago for around $200-300 dollars.

I don’t want a new washer despite all of the fancy bells and whistles that manufacturers add these days.  It’s like some of the conversations I have had with people extolling all of the features of their smart phones.  Can you place a phone call and talk to people?  Maybe I’m a “boomer” but isn’t that the first reason to have a phone?

I need a washer that cleans clothes and that is it!  I don’t need wifi or a video screen. The Maytag washed clothes in about 25 minutes using the heavy cycle setting.  I doubt a modern washer running a longer cleaning cycle is more efficient on total electric energy costs.

I’m bummed out about my washer dying.  Not only because of the cost to replace it but because it represents when the USA made great products that lasted for decades and could be repaired by some one out of their garage.  These are Green products as they last for decades and not just a few years.  These Items can be repaired and not end up in a landfill due to a fried circuit board.

On of my biggest pet peeves against the “Greenies/Enviromentalist”  is they do not think about the day to day stuff because the are to busy Virtue signalling and taking the moral high ground.  I reuse, re purpose things daily. I plan my shopping trips to use the least amount of fuel because that is how I save money.  I’ll grant AOC lives in 2 of the most expensive cities. She is also making $174,000 per year as a Congress critter. That is $14,500 per month discounting all of the perks of government work/ per diem. I make about $18,400 per year as a disabled vet.   AOC literally makes more in 6 weeks than I make in a year. I know the struggle is real but my sympathy is sadly lacking for AOC.

I have a blind spot because I can’t imagine making $50,000 per year and having money problems making ends meet. I know it real, the person lives in a high tax state where property taxes are as high as the Mortgage payments each month. Or a person that buys food for 3 days at a time and seldom buys in bulk.  The person that never learned to cook and lives on fast food and microwave meals.

I doubt many in high tax areas “get” the west paying $100.00 per year for a house worth $100,000.   That is sort of cheap as our local governments also add bonds and tax levies but compared to high tax states the yearly cost is still low and your schools and roads still suck.  Honestly, our roads a schools suck too, but at least they suck at lower cost!

4 Responses to It’s always something….and a bit of a rant

  1. Tom MacGyver says:

    MY old Kenmore (Whirlpool) washer just went off to Valhalla last week as well; transmission died. I bought that thing ten years ago for $150.00, and it was an early 90’s build! Yeah, I had to get a new washer, and no, there’s no way around that circuit board you mentioned anymore. Even the ones that LOOK old-school are computer controlled. The dials and buttons are just “pacifier” controls for old farts like us! Buying a “new” used washer won’t do you much good. A ten-year-old machine most likely STILL has a circuit board to fry, and it’ll be an early, trouble-prone one at that. Anything older is falling into the dust bin of programmed obsolescence, and parts are getting harder and harder to find; you know, like the timer, which is guaranteed to go out at some point.

    Damned if the machine I bought DOES have WIFI! Hackers; if you hack into my “smart home,” please do me a favor and start a load of whites…

    They say every man dies in a foreign country… And we are doing so… on SO-MANY-LEVELS…

    • Jamie says:

      I like analog, no I just want the option to fix something! I’m a geek/nerd and I replaces mother boards in a PC. I can replace a simple circuit board in an appliance. The manufacturers won’t let you replace that circuit board, It is a washing machine not fricking NORAD electronics you are replacing.

  2. Emily Summer says:

    I am keeping my fingers crossed as I bought my washer 25 years ago and it is still going strong. Sure, I have to put a jug of bleach on the lid so it will spin, but so what. Until it croaks, I will continue to use it. It gets cranky, but then, so do I.

  3. Jamie says:

    I did buy a newer Machine/washer. I’d prefer a “dumb” machine but I don’t have to connect to WIFI, plus I’m to poor and stupid to buy a phone smarter than me. LOL

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