Mom’s little surgery is done

Mom’s minor surgery seemed to go good overall.  She did a little bit of shopping, in the evening though I played chauffeur. The “surgery” seems to to be fairly non-invasive.  Heck I have dealt with IVs that used larger gauged needles.  Mom was supposed to have 24 hours of me watching but she wanted to go home and sleep in her own bed.  That is the state of medical care is it over compensates on others to provide safety and release the hospital from any responsibility.

I have a good quality guest bed, but sleeping in your own bed in your own home has an positive affect on your recovery. Mom could have spent another night at my home with no problem, but she wanted to go to her home be with her stuff and animals.  I don’t think either of us would place an “at risk” person at risk!  Mom is moving a bit slower recovering from drugs.  Overall after her 3+ hour nap (at my house) she was lucid and could use her shopping list.  I don’t think letting Mom go home to recover was a bad thing or unsafe.

Mom did great by going home, as she got a good nights rest.  As a bonus, I did a load of wash at her house before we came back to pick up her vehicle.  The new washer is supposed to be delivered on the 25th.  I only had to use the Laundromat once after my washer died.  I got the big “dolley” to move my old washer out of the laundry area and I have new hoses to install for the new washer.

I think I can install the new washer but I’ll know for sure once I try removing the old washer.  Mom has offered to help but at best she will probably just guide me through the doors ways and hold doors open.  That little extra bit of help is very valuable.  The trash guys will haul away an appliance for $13.00 so all I have to do is get the old washer into the alley.  If I can do that, I should be able to get the new washer into the house.   As a backup plan a neighbor has offered to help with any jobs around the house.

I’m excited to start improving the interior of my house rather than just doing basic/simple repairs to keep up the basics.  I spent a lot of money (to me) to get the a new roof, siding and new windows to get the exterior part of the house not only looking good, but better insulated. The siding does not need painting, the roof is a 50 year roof and the windows should be good for at least 15-20 years.  Now it is time to start working on the interior.

Honestly I will be “fixing” some of my choices of materials now that I have learned a bit more by doing some simple DIY projects.  I’ll be replacing old and cracking linoleum with new linoleum. I need to replace the computer rooms carpet and a soft spot in the sub floor that I think is a seam in the sub floor that has sagged or was not properly braced.  Much of what I want to do will look like cosmetic fixes but faucets wear out so the have to be replaced.  You might as well replace those items with something you want/like.

I’m not sure how you save up for those jobs.  I’m looking at one or two rooms at a time of what needs to be repaired and then looking for the materials I need for the job.  I’m trying to plan out the jobs  that I’m indoors in the cooling affects of A/C during the heat of the day.  Here in Idaho 100 degree + temps are coming though at least the humidity is low. Joke: (so is an oven).

I doubt we will see many Air Conditioning is EVIL from the Beltway writers or Greenies located in that area this week.  Heat can be life threatening so while I joke, having at least one room you can be cool, rest, drink some water even if the power goes out is no joke.  I can use mister fans that help the cooling affects of evaporation.  That can’t happen at 90% humidity. You only get damp and sticky feeling, not cooler.  If you can’t afford a small A/C unit buy cheap fans to help with the cooling affect of evaporation. Do any work in the morning or late afternoon.

This is common sense advice, but it is remarkable how few people have common sense.




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