The washer works. Huzzah!

I hoped/thought the washer pump was unplugged or a wire had shorted out.  The washer literally had an unplugged “neutral wire” and once that was plugged in the washer drained.  I want to give PROPS to Samsung for helping me troubleshoot the washer and getting a local tech to fix the washer under warranty.  One of the washer’s plastic legs snapped off but they tech ordered a new leg to balance the washer next week.  I’m allowed to do small loads of washing until the techs get the washer balanced.  I doubt I can fill the washer tub half full of my weekly wash of colors and whites.

I have been wanting to clean up the caulking around my tub.  The caulking was a bit dried out caulk and  a bit of  visible mold that needed a more pro-active solution.  Welp! I cleaned out the caulk and all of bath wall surround paint/top coating started peeling away and exposed fiber board. Not good and it will take a couple of months of pay checks to correct.  Probably about $500.00 in materials going cheap. but that job will need a couple of months for funding out of pocket.

I finished up the “Kindling Box”.  I might add a few boards  to retain smaller wood/kindling, if needed.

I’m guilty of “Wrong think”.  I bought/ stacked over 6 cords of wood.  A disabled vet on SSD did this on under $1700.00 per month.   People like me get Rekt by the progressives as we make do with what we have.  We are not into the poverty pandering that progressives love.

2 Responses to The washer works. Huzzah!

  1. Patti from Ca says:

    That is wonderful news Jamie!

  2. Jamie says:

    Patti: Thanks but now I have to learn 15 new “wash” settings, steam clean, sanitize and the Tub is so deep I need a step stool to grab my washed socks! 😉

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