Finished up my shopping and firewood

I got a lot of bargains in the last couple of weeks, so I stocked up on some snacks and got the big freezer full of beef.  Having a full freezer feels almost as good as having a full wood pile.  I bought another couple of pounds of paraffin wax to make the fire starters.  I wanted a good supply of wax to melt before I started making the fire starters this heating season.

Last heating season The fire starters were an experiment based off some ideas rolling around in my head.  I saw many decorative fire starters that people made that were pretty and smelled wonderful and were to costly for me to use every day.  So I made a cheaper fire starter using an egg carton, wood chips/saw dust and paraffin  wax.  What do you know it worked!  Now these fire starters don’t look pretty nor do they smell nice, if you want to start a fire quick they work great and the starter are easy to make.  I use paper based egg carton but I think cupcake papers would work as a substitute.

I got started on filling my new kindling box and it seems my efforts seem pathetic.  There is something satisfying about filling up a kindling box that makes you feel you have got a job done. Filling this big kindling box is going to take much more effort compared to the smaller boxes I am used to filling.  Building a larger box of kindling was my goal. I sort of forgot about how much effort it would take to fill that box.  😉

I will fill my “old” small kindling box and then dump the kindling in the big box so I get an idea about how long a full “new” kindling box will last.  I know my small kindling boxes of wood I keep in by the wood stove will last 10-14 days depending on the weather.  Using those small boxes of wood should give me a good idea about how long a full large box of  kindling will last this winter heating season.

Update on using the washer:  So far I think the clothes feel cleaner, the fabrics feel softer as if the detergent and grime is more washed out compared to my old washer…?  I’m having a mental issue with not having an agitator in the middle of the tub, the lack of sound and not setting the load as heavy/light.  It feels strange having such a large capacity washer and my load of laundry fill less than 1/3 of the tub and washer selects the amount of water it needs to wash.  In comparison to the older washer the new washer is slow cleaning clothes.  My old washer ran a load in about 30 minutes.  The new washer loads are at least 45-90 min. long. For me electricity is cheap, water is not as cheap.  While I did not consider the water cost as much as the electrical costs I think this washer might save me a little bit of money on my water bill.

I have been trying to catch up on clean up around the house.  When I spronged my back I got behind in my cleanup of the house to keep it livable. Washing dishes and toilets needs to be done and a couple days down for injuries can screw up the schedule for cleaning. The normal schedule of work is FUBAR all I can do is the basics and get back on the schedule.

Sort of off topic but many people in the USA seem to not be clean, nor care to be clean.  From personal baths/showers to how the treat/trash their own personal living areas.  I know youtubers are not a great example but many live in filth, instagram and face book have photos of this life that is beyond trashy it dangerous to your neighbors.   I can’t imagine living in those conditions and claim it is someone else’s fault. I’m going off on a tangent that I should cover in future post.

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