Is someone Phishing?

Had a strange call from my Mom about some one calling her about a reference I supposedly made and who owned/lived at my address.  Mom did not give out to much info but she did verify my first name and that I am her daughter during the call.  I don’t think the call is not that nefarious other than the person making the call was pfishing  awkwardly for info about me and my home.  But I don’t know that person. Nor did that person leave a name and number with my Mom for me to contact him/her.

Now I don’t try to hide my identity on line but I don’t do facebook and/or twitter sharing my entire life online.  The first place these scammer go for personal information is social media.  Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google itself stores and sells all of the data you give them and shares that data with each other and anyone who will pay for that data. I’m sure you get scam/robocalls on your cell phone at least a couple times per week, empty voice mails, text messages etc.

Many people got wise about the Robo-calls spoofing phone numbers with out of state area codes. So the Robo-callers spoof you by using your local area codes.  It is a lot harder to not answer the phone for local calls. The scammers also prey upon your feeling to help a person.  I bet you have received a call asking for Robert or Mary and if you are not named Robert or Mary they say perhaps “you” could help them….  This scam does work with some people because it happens all the time.  These scammers have computers auto dialing random phone numbers 24/7/365. All they need is 1-5% of 330 million USA population to make the scam is profitable.

What can you do to stop this nonsense?

  1. Stop sharing private info on social media platforms.
  2. Keep your private family groups protected.  Much like STD’s. Sharing info with friends on social media means you share all of your info with “friends” who share all of their info on social media.
  3. Never give out your cell phone number:  This number has become the “tracking device” of the social media mob.  If you need a cell phone # to sign up  to a site that is a big RED FLAG to check what you are signing up for….
  4. Don’t answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number.  The robo callers are getting smarter as they wait for a vocal response.  Be quiet for 5-10 seconds after you “pick up” the call.
  5. Use a search engine to check out the call.  If it is a business you want info from, the search engine should give you some sort of feedback even if they don’t  have a webpage. Honestly if a business is not on a search engine that is a big RED FLAG!
  6. You are not required to be nice, helpful or even answer a phone call.  If you want to interact with these idiot robo callers always ask for a callback number or ask to speak with the lead/manager/supervisor.  I’m guessing these robo callers or the computer dialers create a list of phone numbers not to call.
  7. Watch your language:  Never say “yes” to these sort of call as they will use that as an acceptance of the scam they are running.  Some might threaten a lawsuit and getting a lawyer for simple stupid shit will cost you money.  Hello should be safe and if the call is BS just hang up/end the call.
  8. Always ask for a name and call back number if you answer a robocall.  Never give your name or information over the phone to anyone you can’t verify.

I know many people run business over the web and you are promoting your products via social media.  This post is for just an average person on the web trying to be safe and protect some of their personal data.

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